Kikkan Randall's 7th place sprint
Anyone else notice that Kikkan Randall won the B Final at Lahti, beating Bjoergen, Gjoemle, Saarinen, Kowalcyk and the Russian Sidko? I mention it because nothing much is being said and the...

S-BB the new way to skate up steep hills
The key problem lots of us have with skating is how to not get "burned out" by the hills. Skating on gentle trails is fun and fast, way better than Classic striding -- but throw in so...

Screws in rollerski bindings
Hi, I switched bindings on my V2s from Profil to NNN. The front three wholes matched perfectly. However, after a couple of hours on rough pavement I noticed that the front-most sc...

Binding screws in a rollerski shaft
Hi, I switched bindings on my V2s from Profil to NNN. The front three ones matched perfectly, so I only had to add a couple of wholes for the mid- sole and heel. Now, h...

Races on Mininova
Is any one going to post the videos for the 4 by 10 relay in sapporo, and the recent biathlon races in holmenkollen?

2007 Vasaloppet Sweden trip report
Here's a little write up I put together of my 2007 Vasaloppet trip. Really enjoyed the experience. Hard to believe it was only a week ago. Parh...

Odd-Bjoern H.
Another win for Odd-Bjoern !! Peaking at age 35 !! Gives us old guys some inspiration. JKal.

Ole Einar is back
OEB was quite obviously very disappointed by Sapporo, in particular how he missed out on the relay. Even though Lars Berger has been the all-over fastest skier on the biathlon circuit over...

Nordic Combined Lahti
Anyone have a torrent? tall thomas? terje ? the USA wins one, doesnt' happen often and i need to see it to believe it !!!! JKal.

removing Salomon binding screw covers
Is there any easy way to remove the little plastic plug that goes over the screw of a Salomon Pilot (or Classic) binding? The plug covers the screw that is in the rear of the binding. T...

Demong wins again! He's on a roll.
Just saw Bill Demong win another nordic combined event. This time it's Lahti, Finland.. He started the 15k in 10th place 1min 25 sec behind the Norwegian leader who won the jumping porti...

Sapporo torrent-- womens pursuit, get it here!
Ok same routine for the downloading. fastest UPLOAD service accounts (e.g. 1.5 mbps/sec) first, the rest of you wait awhile. Kristin Stormer...

lahti world cup ???
Can someone record LAHTI (FREE sprint and 15km CLASSIC) this weekend and make a torrent? please ... this would be nice...

Sapporo torrents- my first batch of uploads. Different source from earlier posts!
Yeah, I know some of you already have the individual sprints from tallthomas's recordings, but mine are different and include stuff that Eurosport didn't show to give more of the atmosphe...

Weird Ukraine Fischer "RCA" carbon = heavy?
I just bought a pair of Fischer RCA classic carbon race skis, 210, made in the Ukraine. Well, they're trainers, I suppose. They weigh 1700 grams for the pair! That seems heavy. My...

scandinavia travel question
hello all- i am heading to sweden and norway next week for the world cups, and i am having trouble finding info (in english) on mobile phone service. i'm hoping that i can just bu...

Touring ski reviews/chat anywhere?
I'm curious as to how the mid-length ski concept measures up to traditional skis. (Will any perform like a 210 will for a 6-foot tall tour skier? Maybe better?) I wonde...

the great ski race (tahoe to truckee 3/4/2007) wax question
great weather, i got a personal best time, i have a question for anyone who did better than 2 hours. what was the best wax set up? i was using a high fluoro red wax with a fluoro overla...

World Championships Postlogue
The snow was a huge factor. Namely, massive new falling, heavy wet snow during racing. >From the USA perspective, we had (from memory without cross checking, forgive errors): <...

Rower does well at Vasaloppet
Hi All, Today's local paper has a couple pages of coverage of the Vasaloppet, most of it dedicated to local J=F8rgen Aukland. There is also a side bar item about another local guy...

OT - PAL European VHS conversion to US VHS
Anyone out there know where i can convert a pal VHS from european TV recording to American VHS ??? I'll gladly send my 6 hours of Vasaloppet video recorded by a friend somewhere...

OT saving ETV clips
I've been trying to save some of the clips from and can't figure out how to do it. I think I have the URL of the movie file (for example, http...

Another great day in Sapporo: 50 k classic
There are two things that I'm going to remember a long time about this race: 1) How Oddbjørn Hjelmeset damaged/broke a ski/binding, but skied on it for a lap before getting a replacem...

FS -- Rossignol Delta Cobra skis, Excel carbon poles
Text of my eBay auction -- Item # 300087486598 HI, * Rossignol Delta Cobra skating skis (200cm). * Rottefella NNNII bindings. * Excel Carbon poles.

Junior Nationals
Has anyone found a web site for information on the Junior Nats in Utah this week? Last year in Houghton there were some decent web cameras at the start and finish areas. I was hoping to fi...

Anyone familiar with Jungfrau area (Switzerland)?
I'm going to the Jungfrau area (Wengen/Murren) for a week of downhill skiing with a group. This is my first time there. On browing local information, I saw they have a couple of nordic trail...

What a day
First I saw Bill Demong, then I watched the 18 year old Yohaug girl, followed by our own Potter on his home ground. And all this before breakfast.

Watching Nordic combine right now!!
USA's Bill DeMong is having an incredible 15 km portion to the combined right now. He's 19.8 sec behind Ackerman at 13.8km and only 4 seconds behind the 2nd place. I think he's going to...

ski northeast Italy
Sharon and I had a very fun week of skiing in Italy. * Hoch Pustertal area around Toblach and Bruneck was excellent. * Monte Bondone further south near Trento closer to the mai...

My first YouTube movie--- "A Little Ski Outing" --JP

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