Finger trouble
Can anyone shed any light on some finger trouble I have had for the last couple of months? The PIP (proximal inter-phalangeal) joints of the middle two fingers of both hands are stiff a...

Feel of Marwe 610s versus Jenex V2 105s
Is there anyone in the forum that has skated on both the Marwe 610s and the Jenex V2 105s roller skis? I've read comments on each, I'm familiar with the features each has, but I've never he...

Interview: Chandra Crawford
There's a nice interview with Chandra Crawford that the CBC just posted up: (No that's not a typo. "qanda" is for 'questions and an...

Mpeg. Mens 15km Classic at Cogne
I've just uploaded this to Mininova as a trial effort, just to see if I could do it. Its just as shown on Eurosport, unedited. I'll seed it to Bit Com...

Avalanche Center News and Fundraising Auction
The following announces and promotes our fundraising auction. For news on the website and what is new and improved this season see the "News" section, and in particular the link there to the...

MPEG Races
Ok, here is the first of many races that I will be seeding. Here is link to the torrent. It is the races from the Swedish Nationa Championships from 2002-2003. If you guys have any pr...

what snow-canons are you using for XC tracks?
producing snow for xc tracks are different from alpine fields. For XC you usually have a 4-5 meter wide track to cover. Could someone that produces snow for xc tracks or know of this g...

Nordic skating in Alaska links
I just received the first ice report from nordicskater; no skating in NE yet, but he included links to photos of skating in Alaska. These guys skated a few canoe routes, por...

New to rollerski - what skis to buy?
Hi! Just found this forum and am hoping it will save me from a poo purchase... :) I've just got back from a weeks cross country skiin in Finland and have decided to take up rollersk...

Cross-Country Skiing in the Gatineau Park in Canada.
For a non-commercial web site about cross-country skiing in the Gatineau Park and around the Ottawa area, see: This site...

Anyone remember Scorpion skis?
Anyone on here remember the short Scorpion ski, late 70's early 80's - I seem to recall quite a lot of hype over them when launced, but want to know what they were primarily designed for. ...

FS: 89 Isuzu Pickup, canopy, auto.
FS: 89 Isuzu Pickup, canopy, auto. BC REGISTRATION. Location Canmore AB. Good Runner 609-9587 $2000 obo canrocked

Changes made @
The message has been updated a bit, thanks to input this newsgroup and the xcskiforum message board. Let me know what you think of the new layout. Thanks, ...

new gear
i'm about to invest in a completely new set up and i'm wondering what would be best as far as brands. i have access to good deals on salomon and atomic, so i could do boots, bindings, a...

double-poling technique
rm wrote > ... hand position in DP. At least lately, and perhaps before, > the idea has been to get the elbows out, sort of like a > butterfly swimmer (comfortably past 45 degr...

Storage Life of Waxes
This question came up at a wax clinic and no-one (myself included) knew the answer: how long can you keep waxes before they are ineffective? Is there a shelf life (or a half-life)? This ap...

Is the Southern part of the Gatineau Park skiable? (Dec 7)
Just wondering whether I should drive to P10 instead of P3?

Warning - Elm Creek access change
Sorry for the Minnecentric nature of this post, but the new access road at Elm Creek park is an accident waiting to happen - at least until they get the traffic light up. Coming out of the...

Salomon Pilot Classic and Pilot 2 Classic Foot Pain
For years I've used the Salomon Profil Classic boots with no discomfort. They are very comfortable. However I've tried the Pilot Classic several years ago and now the Pilot 2 classic boots ...

Grip Waxes
I've been a skate skier for many years, and now am starting to get into classic skiing. After a summer of classic rollerkiing, this will me my first time classic skiing on snow (or, in the ...

Taking fishscales off
Hi, My 5 year old daughter wants to skate. Since there is nothing more pathetic than watching someone try to skate with stiding skis with fishscales, I've gotten a old pair tha...

Hip Issues and Skiing
I've had chronic problems with my low back / sacro-iliac joint area and recently got it diagnosed as all coming from tears and early arthritis in my hip. (Next stop is probable arthroscopic...

No Vasaloppet in 2022-Global Warming
See: This is consistent with a prediction I heard made by scientists who studied glaciers in the US w...

Salmon Hills Call Before You Go
Drove 6 hours round trip to Salmon Hills today and it was huge disapointment. The last 3 days put 20 inches on the ground. Their website said first to open in the East and 30km open and groo...

WTB: Sporty wood ski set-up
I'm still looking for a thrifty set of 210 cm wood skis for sport skiing---fast ones, light with good camber. And some light stiff bamboo poles. Oh, and heck why not some oldstyle leather sh...

Take a Ski Lesson
TAKE A SKI LESSON clip from in Ottawa, Canada Nordic Skiing is in full swing in the Gatineau Park, 12 minutes north of Ottawa. There are a number of places where y...

Twisted Ankle
I can move my all of my toes and have what appears to be full range of motion with my ankle. Does this mean I didn't seperate any ligaments and or tendons? I have a trip schedule...

FS: Salomon classic boots
For sale: Salomon Race 9 classic boots (Profil), 2nd generation black/yellow "bumblebee" colors, little used, virtually look new. Size 46 Eur/11 UK (~11.5-12 US), $85 + ship. Email me direct...

Tour de Ski
Its something NEW at World Cup level and it doesnt seem to have been talked about on here. Instead of weekly races thru the season with a Xmas Break we have the last race on 17 Dec, then a ...

WC race in Cogne is back on - Not cancelled
as we know the xc worldcup races in Cogne/Italy were cancelled for the 9th and 10th December. Lack of snow. BUT now they have set up a race for December 13th. 10 and 15km classic. ...

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