what I got from the New Skate
The New Skate ideas had a big impact on my early skating, and stayed with me since. My ski skating started on rollerskis in late 2000, so all the images I tried to emulate and exe...

what was 'the New Skate' ?
I gained a lot from "the New Skate" ideas when I was first learning to skate, both from a camp and coaching on rollerskis and from Pete Vordenberg's articles in The Master Skier magazine (ww...

Re: XC near Rochester, NH?
Ok, 40 mins according to mapquest. Sounds good. Thanks! Nice Bombardier. I want one! -Mitch On Mon, 15 Dec 2003, Leland Yee wrote: >...

Re: What I (think I) learned about kick waxing this weekend
> So, lesson #1: Think about the effects of time, temperature, and > hundreds of feet on that layer of snow over the ice. Lesson #2: > your kick zone is centered under your...

What I (think I) learned about kick waxing this weekend
--0-1132015205-1071516910=:37490 Content-Type: text/plain; charset=us-ascii Hi All- I guess I'm doing a lot of posts today-- see what happens when I finally get to go skiing? ...

Training with a weight vest
I recently started training with a weight vest, and was wondering if anyone had experience using one for skiing. The old vests were pretty cumbersome, but the new ones (www.resistancewear.c...

Re: Kick method? was Lower Leg injuries
--0-32423619-1071516192=:34535 Content-Type: text/plain; charset=us-ascii Hi Ken- I appreciate what you're saying both about the complexity of the physics of the diagonal stride, ...

Re: Any new news on Salmon Hills?
On Mon, 15 Dec 2003, John Hart wrote: > That was probably Liz who answered the phone, she is one of the best > 'front' persons I have ever met at a cross country ski center...

Stevens, Snoqualmie Conditions
Anybody know what the Cascades are like so far?

Re: related diagonal strike question: trailing leg
--0-1613541664-1071510249=:11733 Content-Type: text/plain; charset=us-ascii Scott Elliot <newsgroupreader123@telus.net> wrote: lots of good stuff snipped... ...

one lap at Como
Comenkollen question: How far is one full time around? Skinnyski says 7.4k, St. Paul Parks and Rec says 5k.....or is it 5k that FEELS like 7.4k? Just curious, I'd like to ...

Re: related diagonal strike question: trailing leg
--0-391341326-1071505338=:9041 Content-Type: text/plain; charset=us-ascii Are you kicking, then holding a static "pose" before bringing your trailing leg forward? Your trailing leg sh...

Re: Kick method? was Lower Leg injuries
--0-2029670103-1071504668=:43351 Content-Type: text/plain; charset=us-ascii In my humble opinion (my one cent's worth?) the "kick" in classic is DOWNward, and timed right as you're sta...

Valley Spur - www.valleyspur.com?
I've seen various references to www.valleyspur.com for the Valley Spur ski trails in Munising, MI. But, my browser is coming up with a "Site not found" error if I try and go there. Anyone ...

Re: related diagonal strike question: trailing leg
On Mon, 15 Dec 2003, Mike Hui wrote: > I find that I have to spend energy holding my trailing leg up or else the > (trailing) ski flops down on the track. This doesn't sound rig...

Ski Trails - Northern/Eastern Ontario
So, we're just about to head off on our annual Xmas jaunt to the east ... Duluth, Minneota -> UP Michigan -> Deep River, Ontario. Wondering if anyone has suggestions for good skiing o...

Re: START kick scotch tape?
I found a package of Start's Grip Tape at Mountain Equipment Co-Op. Read and followed the instructions and got it on my skis in a few minutes. There is a piece of sand paper stuck to t...

Mpeg Races: Davos XC , Hochfilzen Biathlon
I havn't have the time to do all yet. Due to some criss crossing of the sending times i had to choose between some events, therefore some is clipped in the beginning. NRK version due to...

Re: Kick method? was Lower Leg injuries
Well, Hank, as long as the volleyball is imaginary, I must be breaking rules that are imaginary! To elaborate, you imagine, each time you're about to kick forward, the ball heading towards y...

Re: Kick method? was Lower Leg injuries
What you say Gary sounds just about exactly how I think about it, but others may have better advice (I've never done any real coaching). If I understand Ken correctly, he sounds correct to m...

Re: Kick method? was Lower Leg injuries
At 08:12 PM 13 12 03 Saturday, Peter wrote: >I always think there are two "kicks" in classic, not unrelated, but >sometimes confused with each other. One is down, and the other &g...

XC near Rochester, NH?
Could someone tell me where we might be able to find XC skiing in the near vicinity of Rochester, NH? We'll be there for a few days over Christmas and might get out a bit if there are...

Nordic Track Medalist Ski Exerciser - Help
I hope this question is going out the the right newsgroup. I just bought Nordic Track Medalist Ski Exerciser today. This unit is a bit more fancy the standard with plastic housing cove...

Glasses keep Fogging
Any home made remedies to your glasses from fogging up? Stan

Why is race ave. HR = LT? Isn't it elevated? --And a Zones question
OK, I've read in a bunch of places that a good way to determine LT is via HR ave for a 10km, approx. However, I've also seen that a race HR ave can be elevated by about 10 bpm jus...

Ski Trab
I decided (got permission from the wife) to buy a new pair of skis this year. Normally this wouldn't be a big decision....add another pair of RCS's and start waxing. This year, though, I f...

WC Davos Sunday Relays
Camera shots on Saturday showed a lack of snow just beyond the prepared track despite the altitude. Todays racing was not on the Eurosport TV schedule but I caught the races on th...

Trip report - Stowe, Vermont - 13 Dec 2003
I skied yesterday at the Trapp Family Lodge trails. Conditions on average were fair, but this average includes good conditions on some trails and poor conditions on others. The main trails...

50K Club Report 12-14-03
We had a great ski day at Baker Park on the west side of Minneapolis on Sunday, December 14th. It was Tom Bengel's birthday so he got to pick the park. Our group included Jay Wenner, Bill St...

herringbone skate: why is it a shame?
I've never seen WC class racers going uphill using herring bone skate, even up brutal hills, even when (seemingly) bonking. (Allright, actually, I've seen a Chinese woman doing that in one r...

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