r.s.n. face-to-face: two JT's at Lake Placid
Yesterday afternoon I was coming back in thru the door of the ski center at Mt Van Hoevenberg and I see Bob Maswick -- well-known Lake Placid NY racer and instructor who's been supplying thi...

Trail Groomer Plans
Here we go again...I'm looking for plans for a personal trail groomer/track setting device, preferably human powered. I know that there have been many, many posts on this in the past but un...

Nice Article on Greg Marr
http://www.jsonline.com/news/metro/dec03/195149.asp g.c.

Custom Made Nordic Ski Boots???
Searching for the nordic equalivant of Limmer Boots in New Hampshire. Have a super difficult sized foot and currently alpine ski in custom fit boots and have custom made hiking boots. ...

FS: Karhu Convert 3pin leather boots, like new
http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=3649870313&category=36266&rd=1 Ebay Item # 3649870313 Karhu Convert Crosscountry ski boots mens size 10-10 1/2 (EUR 44/UK 9/JPN ...

FS: Telemark Swiss army surplus skis/poles/skins
Available on Ebay at: http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=3649770153&category=36268&rd=1 SWISS ARMY surplus Skis: Telemark, Randonee, Backcountry Shipping to Continental ...

Trip report - Craftsbury, Vermont - 28 Dec 2003
I skied today at the Craftsbury Nordic Center. Conditions were generally good, with only a few obstacles here and there. The only really serious obstacle I saw was on the "Grand Tour" tr...

Re: There goes the snow ... buh bye.
I should report from the far from snow sure but undoubtedly 'famed' English Peak District that I have been skiing twice this Christmas. Both times on a mixture of tracks and heather moorland...

Ski Clinic with Kris Freeman
Yesterday (Dec 27) I participated in a Masters Classical ski clinic given by Kris Freeman at Waterville Valley NH. First, we are very lucky here in the USA to have such an intel...

There goes the snow ... buh bye.
At least I got one day of skiing in yesterday (on a barely frozen lake). High temp today of 48 F. Today I did some hiking on a trail 25 miles south of here that I've never been to...

Simsbury, CT Evening Skiing
I'll be at the Simsbury Inn in late January and I'd like to do some evening skiing. Is there anywhere nearby with lighted trails or where they is enough light that other skiers practice the...

Gatineau Park Conditions, Dec 26
Even though the Gainteau Park Web site says 0% of the trails are recommended for skiing, the Parkway is not bad at all. I skated a counter-clockwise loop from P10 this morning: up Fort...

Trip report - Stowe, Vermont - 26 Dec 2003
I skied today at the Trapp Family Lodge in Stowe, Vermont. Conditions were generally good, almost "very good", but there were a number of water features to be dodged on many trails. Also...

Landsem Skis
Landsem Touring 66 - 190 with matching Poles Made in Norway I also have Brand new Noritur Boots (Made in Italy) that fit the skis. I got these skis from a guy in a tra...

One more question on Jannes videos
I have been enjoying Janne's video clips for a couple of seasons now and I have been thinking about a couple of things. First, I'd like to be able to watch these guys on full sized TV rathe...

Cross-country cat
On the way through various rainy-day errands today, I stopped at the local book shop, where I saw a book called "Cross-Country Cat." This is an illustrated children's book about - wait fo...

down-kick in striding + an alternative
Lots of people have been recommending to add an extra _downward_ push to the leg-push kick in classic diagonal stride. I've done a lot of striding without it, but I wondered if I might be m...

Ramsau World Cup
Hi there Another World Cup which was close enough to be there. So if someone is interested, there's some photos of Saturday races on my web. Women 10km Free http://www....

Salmon Hills Future Unknown
I previously posted a message reporting the reopening of Salmon Hills. This is true as far as I know however, you must all know that it is uncertain wether I will be working at Salmon Hills ...

This notice was posted on skinnyski.com today: It has come to my attention that we have had problems with a group of snowboarders harrassing x/c skiers, they have also vandalized the t...

Crystal Mountain, Michigan XC race results?
more of a local question for the Michigan guys... anyone have results of the Crystal Mtn race last weekend?? JK

more on Beckie Scott and anti-doping
From http://www.fasterskier.com/news.php?id=756, the following admirable quotes from Scott: "I haven't talked to [Lazutina or Danilova], they both disappeared kind of quickly afte...

Norwegian Future Skate technique project
Several years ago the Norwegian ski team started a special project to find the optimal skating technique. First they created the world's most powerful super-computer specialized for

air-crunch move in V1 skate
The elite racers are "crunching" their chest and abdominal muscles to drive their shoulders down strongly into _ air _ A big surprise to me looking at the vide...

Re: Poles / No-poles Skating experiment
> How can I keep my speed up (or better yet, increase it) when I use my > poles! > They seem to get in the way, make me want to use my upper body, and > get more ...

Re: Watching Janne's videos - is there a player with slow motion?
My thanks too! I just tried it, and it does what I want and more - the ability to go backwards and forwards should prove useful, too. I'm glad I asked the question. Is this newsgroup...

Poles / No-poles Skating experiment
Interesting (not very scientific) experiment for a skating newbie. (Skated maybe a dozen times - came from a Rollerblade background). I was at Okemo, VT last Sunday. On the short pra...

Is Classical style Classic, Historic or Historical?
You might think that my first and only language isn't English. When we ski the traditional style is the technique classical or classic? Or both, but with different meanings? ...

New Borowski Skate Tape out
Lee Borowski's new skate tape, the analog to his booklet, The New Simple Secrets of Skating, arrived Saturday. It costs $25 and runs 62 minutes. While it has the same backyard feel of his e...

Trip report - Killington, Vermont - 22 Dec 2003
I skied today at the Mountain Meadows cross-country ski area in Killington, Vermont. Conditions were generally good, with the exception of the trail on the pond, where the 2-3" of snow wa...

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