29 Dec 2003 17:16:38
Andrew Bolger
Re: Trip report - Craftsbury, Vermont - 28 Dec 2003

On 28/12/03 11:35 pm, "Lew Lasher" <LewLasher@att.net > wrote:

> I skied today at the Craftsbury Nordic Center. Conditions were
> generally good, with only a few obstacles here and there. The only
> really serious obstacle I saw was on the "Grand Tour" trail, if you were
> going counter-clockwise, on the switchbacks on your final descent into
> Craftsbury village. Fortunately, for some reason today I was going in
> the recommended direction, clockwise, so uphill over the obstacle.
> Ordinarily I'd snicker at a trail name like "Grand Tour", but the loop
> from the touring center to Craftsbury village absolutely deserves the
> title. You have dense coniferous forests and wide open spaces, calm
> flats along the river and (especially in the counter-clockwise
> direction) a couple of screaming downhills, tidy trailer homes and
> splendid country estates. Plus, you're actually going somewhere, not
> just screwing around and around within the maze of twisty little trails
> near the touring center.
> This has nothing to do with anything, but it occurred to me today that I
> have been neglecting to pad my fact-filled trip reports with enough
> silly crap. Today, I found myself constantly singing the radio jingle
> from a very, very dumb ad I heard last week on the way to or from
> Killington for a company <somewhere in Vermont> that installs remote car
> starters. To the tune of "Jingle Bells":
> Car starters
> Car starters
> Press the button and go
> Start your car
> From oh so far
> Melt up all the snow
> (repeat ad nauseum)
> Now you, too, can sing this, during your next grand tour. It helps if
> you have a really bad singing voice.
> I feel compelled to add that I do not endorse the wasteful practice of
> leaving a car engine running long enough to melt up all the snow.
> Lew Lasher
> Stowe, Vermont and Cambridge, Massachusetts
Remote control car starters? Now I know I'm a hick.