13 May 2004 12:00:10
Kenneth Salzberg
Re: Best way to train uphill skating on flat terrain?

On Thu, 13 May 2004, Ken Roberts wrote:

> Gene Goldenfeld wrote
> > Where did you see a recommendation of shorter poles
> > for rollerskiing . . . I've never seen any general
> > recommendation of the kind.
> Whenever Nathan Schultz writes something, I make a point of reading it
> carefully. I found this article on "Important Rollerski Tips" in the
> Pre-Season 2004-2004 issue of The Master Skier magazine:
> http://masterskier.com/articles/0304preseason/rollerskitips.html

As I'm sure Gene suspected, the advice for shorter poles relates to
"dryland exercises" which is pole hiking, hill bounding, etc. - not roller
skiing. You should use your regular length poles (with roller ferrules)
for roller skiing, and then shorter pole when you are hiking.
-Ken S.

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