26 Oct 2003 15:07:41
Andrew Bolger
Re: A Boy and His Skipping

Great post but don't be too disappointed if he doesn't get into skiing; kids
generally take after their parents but not always in the ways their paretns
Andy b
On 26/10/03 9:44 am, "Jeff Potter" <jp@outyourbackdoor.NOSPAMcom > wrote:

> My 5 year old boy hasn't been much interested in pushing many physical
> limits so far. He really likes running around and being chased, but has
> no real interest in gliding or sliding. He'd rather invent things than
> strain or twist.
> But he's finally learned how to skip. Probably lots of kids learn sooner
> but he's into it now. What's interesting to me is that he's not
> interested in anyone showing him how to do anything. What he loves to do
> just comes out of him when it's ready. Interesting, too, that
> 'education' literally means 'to draw out' as distinct from training or
> even sharing. At any rate, he's skipping up a storm. If he has to take
> more than one step, the next is a skip.
> I tell ya, it's wonderful to see and to hear. There's a lovely little
> rhythm now to the pitter-pat as he shifts around the house.
> Bump-pi-dump-pi-dump whenever he goes anywhere.
> And it's such a joy to see, too. It's probably been my favorite thing so
> far with him. He flips his arms around and up in the air. Random,
> joyful, yet rhythmic. Flipsy and carefree.
> He stopped singing and dancing a year or so ago because it was
> 'embarrassing.' His little sister has taken over those duties. But he
> skips with abandon.
> I see the best kind of skiing in his skipping.
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