29 May 2007 19:50:31
2007-2008 World Cup

Today, the FIS published a preview of the upcoming World Cup season,
highlighting the second Tour de Ski and a "World Cup final" event in
Bormio, Italy. (The full season calendar is here:
http://www.fis-ski.com/data/document/cc0708.pdf- anybody for a trip
to Canmore?).

Thanks to the TdS and the new final, the season includes some
innovative and interesting race formats, like a Gunderson start in the
second stage of the TdS. Let me guess, though - the Norwegians will
kvetch about the new formats, then finish second to Angerer in all the

On the TdS:
"As planned last year, the Tour will start in Nove Mesto (CZE), the
Czech winter sport center, with a prologue over 3km (ladies) and 4.5
km (men) and continue with the second race, a handicap (Gundersen)
start competition in the free technique there. New in the Tour program
will be the third Stage in Prague, the capital of the Czech
Republic... Prague will organize a free technique sprint in the famous
old-town area in front of the Prague castle on 30th December. The 2nd
Tour will continue in the New Year 2008 in Oberstdorf (GER) with two
races, an individual start race in the classical technique and a
pursuit competition on 1st and 2nd January. After a rest day, a free
technique sprint will take place in Asiago (ITA) on 4th January. The
Tour finals are planned in Val di Fiemme with a mass start race on 5th
January and the already famous 'Final Climb' to Alpe Cermis on 6th


On the "final":
"The basis for the World Cup Final are the Tour Rules. The Final will
start with a prologue over 2.5 km (ladies) and 4.5 km (men) in the
classical style, which will also count to the Sprint World Cup. Prize
money will be paid out as usual and the Sprint World Cup points will
be awarded. The Final will continue with another distance race and
culminate in a handicap start over 10km / 15 km in the free technique.
The overall results will be based on the total racing time minus bonus
seconds gained in the sprint and in the first distance competition.
Overall World Cup points will be awarded only after the last
competition with the factor of two which means that the winner will
get 200 points for this competition weekend. The total prize money
(both genders) for the Final weekend will be CHF 240.000."