The Wisconsin Skier is Upset!
The Wisconsin Skier is upset with news coverage of the Olympics! The other day The Wisconsin Skier was helping his brother with some computer problems he was having. In doing so The Wi...

Spyder clothing
I'm looking to buy a new Spyder jacket but the price is a little steep.Just wondering if anyone has a negative or postive opinion about them.Also saw some on e-bay but dont want a knock o...

Daron's Skis?
What was up with Daron's skis? It looked like he skied a near perfect run but came in 10th. And was that new ski issue a ploy by Austria/Atomic to fool the USA? Danno

Anybody done the Keystone Adventure Tours?
A half day of snowcat skiing for $75. I wonder how many runs you get in the four hours, how much terrain do they have to choose from or how quickly does the terrain get tracked out, what ki...

elan integra 5.0
anyone know anything about this ski or dynastars old intuitiv line?

Starbucks Americano
In seeking drinks to keep me awake after skiing without forcing me to stop at every rest area, I inquired about the coffee content of Americano drinks. Various sizes seem to have different ...

WTB: Nordica, F8, Women's, 270mm shell, 22.5-23.5 size
Hi, Want to buy these boots for parts. Originally bought in or around 1994. Nordica F8 Women's 270mm shell 22.5-23.5 size Thanks,

Bad news for the USA: Lindsay Kildow crashes in training
Lindsay Kildow crashed in a training run and got a ride in a sled and a helicopter. No major injuries found, but it sounds like it was one hell of a digger. Here's hoping she'll be able ...

bode getting wacked in the press
Back Cover of NY Daily News MILLER LITE Bode staggers to fifth in downhill after night on the town. After going out for a couple of beers the night before and missing the pre rac...

blue lines
What's with the blue lines on the slopes? I don't remember seeing those at the winter olympics before. What are they for?

Olympic Downhill
Has anyone seen anything more ridiculous than the way they assign starting positions for the downhill? C.

Decided to go to Solitude for next ski vacation (after next week, here in the East). I decided to take shuttle to area and avoid renting a car (I arrive late). As I understand it, there...

Which Tahoe area for one day?
Hi All, I will be in Sacramento next week, but I might be able to get away for one day. Which resort would you recommend if: - it will be a weekday (if that makes a differ...

Breckenridge ambassador?
Hello, I know there a few Breck locals in this group and I was wondering if any of you might be interested in allowing me to tag along with you for maybe a half day or so. <...

Whitewater or Red?
Heading to Nelson B.C. next week to do some snowcat skiing. Before the heli takes us to Baldface Lodge we have a day in Nelson to ski one of the two local areas; Whitewater or Red. Any th...


My Answer to those who Dis the Winter Games.
The REAL Olympics .... Hey Dudes! Click into a pair of race skis and fly down the mountain at 70-80 mile/hour. The Olympic skiers are skiing at the very limits of human cap...

Tahoe Conditions
How are things looking out there for next week? Weather forecast looks kind of warm. I'm wondering whether to bail and head to SLC instead. Thanks in advance. MG ...

Lisa Horton, 316 Cupertino Way, San Mateo CA 94403 (650) 571-1031
Lisa Horton 316 Cupertino Way San Mateo CA 94403 (650) 571-1031

Bill Johnson on Real Sports HBO
Is that sad. Gold Medalist living in a trailer park on $1500 a month disability. What's tragic is the injury and permanent brain damage he suffered in his comeback accident. I remember 198...

New descriptors
The normal condition of snow around here is post-grooming ice in the morning, half an hour of nice snow, and then slush until it freezes later in the afternoon or evening. This used to be...

Info on Beaver Creek?
Looks like I'm Beaver Creek bound, staying on the mountain ski-in, ski-out. Eight ski days total, including two weekends. I'll probably buy a seven day peaks pass, since that gets the dai...

Hunter vs Windham vs Bellearye
For a beginner to intermediate skier looking for a one day midweek trip from NYC, which of the above areas are the best?

Arc'teryx Outlet Vancouver?
I thought I saw something here about a long time ago about an Arc'teryx outlet in Vancouver, BC. Headed up to Whistler Thursday and would like to stop by. Anyone got an address o...

Snow at Heavenly
Anyone have information about past conditions at Heavenly near end of March.The place looks great and have heard nothing but good things but i'm concerned about snow condition this time of...

More one ski skiing
Some might remember some posts I made last year in regard to learning to ski on only one ski. I'm actually pretty good on the right foot now, I can ski one legged on blues and many

Need help to avoid leaning into the hill
I have a problem with leaning in when I'm on a steep trail, or one with deep snow (or worst of all, a steep one with deep snow). Does anybody have any tips on how to break this defensive...

ski choice
Hi, I'm looking for a proper ski for me. I'm an advanced skier, 5'8, 190 lbs. I would say that I ski agressivelly. I had 172 cm Atomic GS 11 race (21.5 m radius)....

Info on Breckenridge
Making first trip out west and Breckenridge was recommened.If anyone has any info. that could be helpful. Thanks Dave

Read Bode's latest Denver Post entry...
The more Bode speaks out, the more I admire him. Go Bode - win or lose, I'll be watching and cheering. -- Marty

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