The monsoon and Tamarak Lakes
On Friday and Saturday we were in Reno. Friday we had to wait out the MONSOON at the Medowwood Mall. On thursday though I got to hike up to Tamarak Lakes (Out of Rock Creek). it is about...

Sign of the impending apocalypse
The Rolling Stones tour of the US is sponsored by a mortgage company.

maybe a dumb questions but.... when does the ski season begin in Colorado and in Tahoe? when is there usually a good/decent base? should one wait at least a month afte...

Sorry the link didn't work. Paste this one into your browser
I've had a devil of a time getting the links from HP photo to work. Try pasting this one into your browser

Summer in the Eastern Sierra
Here are a few of the views in my back yard. -- I ski, th...

Any long range US forcasts yet?
So what're the pundits saying about the upcoming winter? I'd imagine they've done an almanac or something by now as Summer there has turned the corner. -- ant ...

Re: I love girls!!!
Darrell Larose <> wrote: >Hello, my name is Darrell Larose. I'm a paedophile. I love boys. > >I welcome boys of all ages to my home for oral sex...

Searchmont in summer (Photo spread)
"The atmosphere out at Searchmont Ski Hill this afternoon was quiet, almost eerie... on the grassy slopes that may never again see a downhill skier." http://w...

CAS rejects Knauss appeal, confirms 18-month suspension No break for Knauss: "The [CAS] panel found however that whilst the Athlete did not act intentionally...

don't click here if you're not ultra rich...
The products that only the richest can afford ...

training in summer
Could someone please tell me what form of exercise is best in the warmer tropics for priming myself for skiing. I've heard all kinds of contradictions. Can someone set me straight? Mountain ...

Vermont (non-skiing) Trip Report
Just returned (and recovered) from our week in Vermont. Jay Peak was pretty in green - no snow in sight of course. No crowds to speak of - most of the people staying in the condos aro...

Was this Schattie?
How disgusting: Enumclaw-area animal-sex case investigated By Jennifer Sullivan Seattle Times staff reporter King County sheriff's detectives are investigating th...

rain, but no pain
Hi all The snow was falling everywhere according to the media when I arrived in Sydney three weeks ago, even in Queensland's west! Naturally I anticipated great skiing when ...

Ski / Snowboard domains for rent - - $300 US / 248 Euros / 387 CHF
Hi, I have the following Ski and Snowboard domains for rent. Prices are per month. Minimum rental is 6 months. Ski domains for rent... $300 US / 248 Euros / 387 CHF <...

new contruction in chatel chalet 14 personnes 5 rooms all with shower and toilettes kitchen and living room in the fabulous domaine of portes du soleil in french alps rent fo...

Re: Jackson Hole Tram to be retired
Is this the tram that takes skiers to the summit? If so, how will they get there now?

Scooter's European Vacation
Seems Scooter has been spotted in Turkey. Upon closer investigation it was found that the sheep took one look at him and.... read all about it at in the Washington Post: http://ti...

*** Tourism flat in SERRE-CHEVALIER 1200 ***
Rent apartment furnished with tourism equipped for 5 persons 45 m ▓ 2 rooms classified 2* In the heart of Brianšon's conservation area. Picturesque district and storekeeper strengthene...

So is Mammoth finally closed?
I believe they closed on the 4th. Any reports from that day? Dave

OT: Olympics
Saw this on the net today regarding the Olympics: >Yet most people were taken aback when IOC president Jacques Rogge opened >a sealed envelope and announced, with a beaming smil...

Iowa July 3rd 2005
AstroPax doesn't ever make it to Iowa, but I found a guy with a big ol' SLR willing to trade pictures for a pull behind the boat. He is a sports photographer (on an internship) for a local p...

Jackson Hole Tram to be retired
<> Wow. This will really shake up how the mountain skis. I wonder how long it'll be before the...

RSA - dead
All gone to moderated groups that wont allow that cyber terrorist Scott Brahams to be part of.

che you


Sign of impeding apocalypse
I just saw an advertisement for a TV show where Dennis Hopper has a short haircut and is playing an Army officer.

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