New TV
I just got a new wide screen HDTV. The picture is great. See what happens when you do good things? God rewards the righteous. My T...

the right moves makeing money at the speed of the internet
Here are instructions on how to make $10,000 US cash in the next 2 weeks: There are 3 addresses listed below. Send the person at the top of the list a $5 bill wrapped in 2 p...

Denver airport to vail transportation
Anybody have a recommendation for transport from Denver airport to Vail?

Scott Abraham Misses Appointment at Alta
On Thu, 29 Jul 2004 23:11:31 -0700, Scott Abraham <> wrote: >But I'll tell ya what. >Next time I'm in town, I'll go up and visit and ask, bearing a...

Alta, Today, 02-13-05
The necessity of skiing Alta, today, 02-13-05. Collecting welfare in Devil's Castle: -Astro

How do I choose a ski?
I'm an intermediate skier looking to upgrade from the rental process. I have my eye on two pairs of Rossignol Axium skis (one is very gently used, the other is brand new -- price difference ...

Report: Sunday River (Saturday 2/12/05)
Just a short update from the hills of New England. I took the bus up to Sunday River today (Saturday 2/12/05) in great anticipation of some New England powder. The Sunday River website cla...

Sad news: Bill Johnson arrested -- Mary Malmros Some days you're the windshield, other days you're...

Boots packing out, advice please..
Following some foot problems with a previous pair of boots, I spent quite a bit of money two years ago to get a pair of boots with custom foot-bed and heat-fit liners. I like them. Trouble i...

90 degree or 1 degree bevel ?
As far as I know my K2 ( axis ) skis came with a 1 degree bevel from the factory . The place I bring my skis to puts a 90 degree bevel . I can't honestly say I noticed a difference . What ...

First real mountain experience!
Greetings, Yes, it finally happened! I made it out west and skied in the Rockies. The moutain I skied on was Monarch Pass and it was great! The first day was on the cool side (a T...

FS: Lowe Alpine Expedition Pant w/ Bib
Lowe Alpine Expedition Pant w/ Bib BRAND NEW Still has tags. Size Large $200.+shipping Separating full-length size zips with storm flaps Articulated knees for freedom of movement ...

any news in safe bindings
I am looking now to buy new skis (for powder, crud, off-pistes) and bindings. I had a serious knee injury 2 years ego. I would appreciate any advice on 'safest' bindings on the market, and o...

avalagnes - alpine security
a lot of accidents happened during the past weeks in Austrians alps. >From february 19th to 20th atomic and the alpine-academy have organized a seminar weekend to improve security-knowled...

How to adjust binding on Head Liner Snowblade?
Hi, I borrowed my friend's snowblades (Head Liner). How do I adjust the binding? Is there a website with a list of parameters? I checked but couldn't find any informat...

Remember why people really laughed...
<> -- Alan Baker Vancouver, British Columbia "If you raise the ceiling 4 feet, move the fireplace from that wall to tha...

Salomon Cross Max 10 165cm pilot skis for sale used approx dozen times
Salomon Cross Max 10 Pilot 165 cm skis and bindings for sale. Toronto area. Hardly used and in excellent condition. New Jan 04. Contact me by email or 416-617-9966 <...

Janica Kostelic
is the best - hands down. Her talent simply amazes me. Had she not been sick in bed for the GS, I think she'd have 4 golds. This after missing a year due to knee and thyroid problems.

Scott Abraham wants to sue Google with 2 Australian dudes
Scott Abraham wants to sue Google with 2 Australian dudes. See the thread in "Slander from Google". Kate

Partnership Opportunity
Partnership Opportunity Hello, I am with a manufacturer of fine jewelry and am currently looking for those interested in forming a partnership to sell jewelry on eBay or anywhere e...

Picture for Jeff
Jeff wrote: >Could you post this without the red circle around the lodge? >That's a keeper. (If you could post it under another subject, >I'd appreciate it.) >

Where is the cheapest place to live and within a hour drive to great skiing?
Guys, Where is the cheapest place to live and within a hour drive to great skiing? Thanks, Randolf

So last Saturday I went to Toggenburg with my girlfriend. Hungover. It's funny what low ex-pectations can do for real-izations. Given the fact that my (a) new (used) Jeep was unj...

Re: It's official WA. is closed
Schattie Abraham writes: > Personally, I thought it was a reasonably amusing exchange that explored the > cultural gulf between eastside and westside skiing culture. &g...

Arizona or New Mexico Skiing
We're going to be driving across Arizona and New Mexico in a couple of week and I'm trying to talk my wife into doing some skiing along the way. We tried Taos a few years ago and my wife di...

Atomic sx 7
Exspirenc pleas??

My turn
I'm happy to share, like the rest of you, a bit of my personal skiing experience that directly relates to the rest of you. Taken yesterday. Guess where.

We got us a real northeaster going!!!!!! (western maine mountains)
Tommorrow's gonna be a powder day here in Oxford County! Already called my appointments for tommorow and canceled. :) I'll head for the slopes once we get the horses dug out. I can ski ti...

Skid, slip, and carved turn
Based on the quality of a turn, a downhill ski turn can be classified in three categories: carved turn, skidded turn, and slipped turn. A carved turn is made by the technique called "c...

Rain in the Utah mountains this weekend, What the?
I was planning on going this weekend, should I decied now not to go? Is it going to be misrable or will it be cold enough to snow and be an awesome day? Your thoughts welcome......

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