Chair lift trivia
For TCS - Today was spent at the Del Mar Fair (now called Sna Diego Fair by the management of the 22nd District Agricultural Assn., but not yet by the people). Wednesda...

Hey Schattie!
I suddenly realized that you're no longer ranting about Mark Hoover and What happened? Have you given up that crusade? Or have you been banned permanently from all of...

Crystal Mtn. should know about Abraham the Felon
Since FF is so concerned about corporate responibility, maybe we ought to let Crystal Mtn, know that they are supporting a confessed felon with freebies. To quote a well-known asshole, Fa...

Congratulations to Seth
Congratulations to Seth Masia on winning the Cyber Award for Before giving you the award, did the committee consider the slow death of Snowdeath? As I recall, you were stu...

Bent Melon Dumb Felon
Yesir, that's our Schattie!

Summer skiing in Colorado question
Just found out I have a convention to be at in Colorado next July. Does A-Basin have skiing conditions at that time? Not expecting much, but anything that is skiable would be fun that time o...

The RSA Sewer Ferments
There were a couple newbies unaware of the real nature of the freaks they were chatting with. Off they go, screaming in horror. Thanks, freaks. Pleasure keeping this newsgroup dead.

This URL hit my inbox this morning, and I thought it was important enough to share here. <> The page is titled "Trollspotting." I...

Now that's judicial misconduct!

What pleases me most about....
...Scott Abraham is that the way I get to delete his life minute by minute by trolling him hard with minimal effort and watching him jump like a foaming at the mouth fish every single time. ...

Is this a record?
Scott Abraham is STILL my bitch. Suzie -- Suzieflame

Alta Supports Astropax falsely accusing innocent men of molesting
Considering how this sick freak tries to represent Alta and pretends he has a connection to the mountain, I think Alta management should read how he falsely accused me of molesting children ...

BMDF, Freaks
Once again, the few normies you have managed to attract to this insane shithole are running in terror. Been a pleasure pushing your buttons and watching you sick freaks go batshit. ...

FYI - Scott Abraham - Confessed Felon
Scott Abraham is a proven liar and a confessed felon. Any comments that he makes should be considered complete fabrications, self-serving and worthless. Treat appropriately. <...

No more pits?
Saw the following article online at Avalanche detector developed By Deborah Smith June 23, 2004 Sydney scientist Warwick Payten was climbing M...

Can You Suggest a Resort in the West???
My family is planning a trip for the week between Christmas and New Year. We are from Washington and looking for someplace with snow at that time of year. Is Utah good then? Or Wyoming? Is...

K2 Axis XR opinions
Has anyone skiied these? I know they are biased towards on-piste but I'm also wondering how they would do off-piste? -- Last Wombat in Kandahar

K2 buys Volkl, Marker, and Marmot
Check out the following news article: or Of course, they "say" they're going to ke...

Volkl to be made in China?
Say it isn't so... How depressing, almost as bad as Tua closing: ...

New Action Sports Lifestyle Clothing Brand
A new clothing line is starting to take over the Action Sports industry....Essex Clothing. Essex will be arriving in your favorite Retail Shops this summer. In the meantime, check out the co...

New Technique
"It is probably no exaggeration to say that for the recreational skier, the pure carved turn would have been impossible a few years ago without the tremendous improvements that have since be...


Het zal toch niet zijn wie ik denk dat het is?
Is het die Ear Youth weer? Nee, het is Arjen Jongeling! Het is een kwestie van geduld voor heel usenet Hollands lult

Bev, did you feel that one? Significant shaking here in San Diego abou 3 minutes ago. Nothing about it on the the USGS earthquake site yet.

Getting ready for the season - part 1
Today I started preparation for winter by replacing the battery in my old Jeep Cherokee. The old battery would no longer hold a charge strong enough to start the car for more than an hour, ...

Arjen Jongeling, een oude bekende
Hoewel, Arjen Jongeling is hier nog nooit geweest en ik denk dat Arjen Jongeling hier ook nooit meer zal terugkomen. Sterker nog, Arjen Jongeling zit hier helemaal fout. Maar ja, het doet het goed in ...

Time Machine, 1930's - Straight Running
Lastly we explored the techniques for turning the skis in the 1930's, specifically the pure stem, in the family of the "steered turns". Before we move on to the next described technique, the...




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