Weekend Outlook = Good
From the NWS Northern Utah Mountain Weather Forecast Page, Wednesday, March 31, 2004: --- The strong surface cold front will cross northern Utah by mid morning Thursday. 10,...

Completely OT basketball comment
As a native Detroiter, I'd like to say to any Nuggets fans, that I'm almost but not quite sorry that the Pistons embarrassed yer boys like that. First time since 1950 that a team has had NO...

NO JOKE! MAKE $$$$$$$ Please read me!
MAKE MONEY!!!MAKE MONEY!!! MAKE THOUSANDS!!! I found this on a bulletin board and decided to try it: I don't care about the useless pre-fabricated crap this message us...

Scott Abraham: skis like a girl, and he's still my bitch.
Can someone please send a picture where Fat Scott is actually MOVING on skis, rather than just being planted into the stationary boots? -- Suzieflame

No freshies?
Now I see what you all do when there aren't freshies to be had - you spend time wasting away on this board....ahhhh.....glad to be in WA this weekend - big storms are producing!!! ...

King County District Court issued a restraining order against Abraham
more truth

Scott Abraham, was accused of threatening another newsgroup participant
the truth

court prohibited Scott Abraham, from "rec.alpine.skiing" for a year, or face felony charges
court prohibited one individual, Scott Abraham, from participating in discussion on the Usenet newsgroup "rec.alpine.skiing" for a year, or face felony charges BWBAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH...

Was Schattie pretending to be a doctor?
From "Women's Worst Dates" on MSN: "Cecily, 38, met a physician at a holiday party. On the first date he took her to a Japanese restaurant using a two-for-one coupon. The second d...

Stop stalking, freaks
Stalk, stalk, stalk. Nutbar Dave and Behatch Horvath stalking on mens again, posting even though they have been clearly told they are banned because they are vile, despicable, amoral, s...

Start again...
NNTP-Posting-Host: 63-226-217-82.tukw.qwest.net ( Mime-Version: 1.0 Content-Type: text/plain; charset="US-ASCII" Content-Transfer-Encoding: 7bit X-Trace: news.uni-ber...

Skiing off-piste
What are the main carachteristics in terms of length, sidecut, stiffness of a good off-piste ski? What is good for steep and not so steep. How does the snow conditions affect, light powder v...

warm-snow wax?
Whew -- a real question about actually skiing! I had really, really sticky skis the other day out in some warm snow the consistency of mashed potatoes, the kind that can twist your knees off...

Free online photo album offer.
I am offering an online photo album that you can upload your pictures to. They will be visible to your family and friends with a simple upload. All functions to control the viewing of the al...

Weird and Tolkienish
Now that yerz trooly has seen Lord of the Rings, I started thinking about an alternative movie scene. I call it: LARD OF THE FRINGS - Return of the Kink STARRING: ...

hunter conditions this week?
anyone have an idea how the conditions were at hunter today? i was planning on going on thursday with kids and pals (all avg skiers), but the mild temps and possible rain is scaring us off....

OT - just a few comics
Man that Dave guy is funny! http://www.ibiblio.org/Dave/Dr-Fun/df9508/df950804.jpg http://www.ibiblio.org/Dave/Dr-Fun/df9601/df960124.jpg Dave

ski goggle recommendations
I am looking for recommendations regarding ski goggles that fit over glasses. I normally wear glasses, but will throw in the contacts and wear Revo's when I go skiing. This combination usual...

'03 Salomon Performa 7.0 as new - 29.5 on ebay

Oooh yea Im high
anyhow join me and yank your crank to babe Mandy Moore.I do about ten times a day.In fact Im hard right now.Do you wanna touch it?I masturbate constantly damn its fun.While everone is ...

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