Monarch Report
Skied Monarch Pass in Colorado Saturday 11/29 in full sunshine. Monarch is 100% real snow and they claimed 24"s at midway and 29" at the top. The lifts are pokey fixed grip chairs, but all o...

On Grooming
In my journey to the bottom of rock bottom, I've decided to quit washing, shaving or otherwise paying any attention whatsoever to my facial area. In other words, I'm growing a beard. ...

south tahoe report
Skied Heavenly on Thursday, Sierra on Friday and Kirkwood on Saturday. Heavenly brags about its huge snowmaking system and they've every right to be proud of it. Most of the upper moun...

Dynastar On-Snow Demo's in the Pacific Northwest
December Consumer On-snow Demo's December 6th Mt. Baker, WA 9am 3pm December 7th White Pass, WA 9am 3pm December 11th Stevens Pass, WA 9am 3pm

Decisions, decisions
Looking for some advice from anyone who has skied rossignol mountain viper 9.9 and scream 10 pilots (2002 model). I find myself in possession of both of these skis but really I can only tak...

Honest snow reports for Keystone and Breck
I'm hoping to get to Breck and Keystone the end of next week for about 9 days of skiing, first use of this seasons 3-mountain pass. The Keystone and Breck web sites are pitiful in their non-...

Fontaine Stone/Belt Combo for sale
I have a Fontaine FSC-11 that is no longer being used for sale. This machine is a dual-station stone and belt grinder. It is currently in storage at my house near St Paul, MN. It is electr...

Olympic's effects on SLC area
Last winter we decided not to take our once a year ski trip to the SLC area figuring a giganic hord of new folks would be there after "discovering it" because of the Winter Olympics. I am p...

Rossignol Comp Pro JR. Boots for sale
Rossignol Comp Pro Junior boots, size 23.5 (boys 6-6.5). Excellent condition. This is a great preformance boot for a younger skier. Boots are nearly new. My kid's feet grew, so I had to get ...

Alta, Today, 11-28-03
Bwaaahaahaahaa... Alta, Today, 11-28-03, for example: -Astro

2003 Rossignol T Power Viper STX skis For Sale
Rossignol T Power Pulsion Viper STX skis 170 cm. W/ Rossignol Axial Power 120 bindings, and matching Viper STX 50" poles. Great ski for an advanced skier weighing 165-200 lbs. This is the sa...

How late in the season does Mt Bachelor usually stay open?
Many years ago, I was down there during the summer in Mid July. I found out that they had closed one week earlier. That was fine since I was down there for the summer sports anyhow. ...

skiing today
If it wasn't early season skiing, I wouldn't be mentioning it after all the bottomless 3% powder being reported out of Youtaw; but it's mine, and I had a good time getting the legs back. U...

Alta, Today, Thanksgiving 2003
Yes! Thank you, thank you! Knee deep all day long, and it was the good stuff. Too bad I forgot to charge my camera went dead after about 6 shots. Alta, Today,...

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!
And a special thanks to our fighting men and women around the world!! -- Sven Golly

Travel Waxing
Hi all, For those who've "been there and done that", I'm looking for a tried and true method of applying wax to the skis while on the road. For daily, quickie (motel room) ap...

accurate Whistler weather forecast?
Where is the best no-lie, non-ski resort alpine forecast for Whistler/Blackcomb? I don't believe any weather forecast by any ski resort anymore. Thanks, Jim

Vail in early April?
We are thinking about planning a trip to Vail on April 3rd to the 10th. It will be six of us and we are looking at renting a condo. Can you give any info on the skiing...

Aamodt family angry at media.
Finn Aamodt, the father of Kjetil Andre Aamodt, and spokesman for the Aamodt family, said yesterday that his son has been misquoted and misinterpreted in our local national media recently. I...

Scott, there is still time to volunteer
Scott, there are a lot of people in homeless shelters in Seattle who aren't going to enjoy the joyous Thanksgiving that others of us are. I'm sure that bothers you. Imagine how much they ...

I done with it... ( least for a while)
Ski season is here, and I have far too much to do to waste my time on narcissistic and sychophantic jerks. It's a beautiful day, and I can look right across Vancouver harbour to Cypress Mo...

Compare and Contrast
Bert: "I just found out that, once again, RSAers are flooding the e-mail box of the annexcafe newsgroups administrator with e-mails about what happens on RSA." Scott: <...

Now playing at your local theaters.
Lord of the Dickless, Starring Bert Hoff as Wackalf the Wizard and Scattie Abraham as Dodo the Slobbit. They travel through Castration Earth looking for poor demented dickless ...

postal Lottery

Possible Thanksgiving Day Powder-Fest
From the Cottonwood Canyons Forecast Page: <quote> "Remarks: Snow showers will conti...

Machete Huckster
Just to tweak y'all: When I wasn't truth telling here this afternoon, I was putzing around getting a trashed out pair of Volant Machete Hucksters into shape to use as some rock boards. ...

Introducing ... Quotes of Schattie Abraham
"The more honest and perceptive I become, the more liberated of the shackles of gender conditioning, the more capable of sustained emotional intimacy, the more facile at expressing my...

Harrassing others
I just found out that, once again, RSAers are flooding the e-mail box of the annexcafe newsgroups administrator with e-mails about what happens on RSA. Like she cares! She h...

Flame-free ski talk
Check out rec.skiing.alpine.moderated for flame-free ski talk. rec.skiing.alpine.moderated should be available on your IP service usenet feed. If it's not, try one of the many free ne...

ski conditions at Innsbruck?
I have a trip planned to Innsbruck on Dec 10th and I am trying to get ski info. The weather report in Innsbruck shows warm rain for the next week. Is there snow higher up and if so what kind...

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