Scuba instructor to sink fake UFO in lake near Kearney (Lincoln Journal Star) It’s a big UFO. Soon, it’s going to be at the bottom of a lake, where it will join a 500-pound cement tu...

Our ambassador of "Aloha"
Only in Hawaii would this guy be considered a hero. kula Dog" Chapman and Family Kicked Off Airplane

Gearing Up
We rented our gear all through last season, my wife and I figure it's time to take the plunge and buy. I have to say that trying out various rental brands didn't result in any obvious pre...

Anyone Wanna go Diving?
When - the weekend of Jun 23rd/24th. Where - Florida Keys. Arnold, aka mag3 will be there and we want to dive Looe Key on the Sunday. I'll be there both days, staying in Ma...

Pompano Beach Ft Lauderdale area
Is there any chance at diving in the Lauderdal area ?

Quick, check Snopes.
FORT LAUDERDALE Teen's life ends tragically in shootout The mother of a teenager who was killed in a jewelry store holdup said her son had trouble staying on the right side of the law....

Dear John:
Here's what Canadians can have at the house with the kids instead of a scary Barrett. Pet tiger at exotic animal farm mauls woman Victim was petting feline in its cage ...

Killer Online Dive Log
Check out The drawing capability is terrific for anyone who draws in their books like me. Might take a while to load it all in but finally also a <...

Killer Online Dive Log
Check out The drawing capability is terrific for anyone who draws in their books like me. Might take a while to load it all in but finally also a

Los Cabos
Hey if you are thinking to go Los Cabos, you should to check this

Anyone here ever dived Sodwana Bay in S.A.?

Scuba for Handicapped Divers
Hello, Recently I found this initiative from Lisa in Australia: Her focus is on specific aspects of diving with handicapped divers. My practical expe...

Diving Partner needed for September trip
Looking for a diving partner to plan a week to 9 days dive trip to a Caribbean destination during September 2007 [easiest is Bonaire, but open to other ideas]. I am a very experienced diver ...

Where is the good diving in Florida right now? Any links to dive conditions along the coast

Dear Carl:
Fagboy, Another effortless trip across the border where they didn't even ask for an I.D. Another trip where you fled from me in terror. Fuquit.

Hi everyone, I am trying to get the v planner software downloaded to a hp Ipac and I need to know if this is possible and if anyone has v-planners phone number?

Reef Rescue Update
The Palm Beach Post today (Monday) has a great front page article on Horseshoe Reef and the threat posed by a proposed new outfall there. The article includes some good (and large) picture...

I haven't been around this group much recently, and I may not be around it much in the future, ether. As of the end of May, 1007, I have accepted "Enahnced Early Retirement" (EERP...

OW cert = 5 confined + 4 open
In looking over the PADI reqs for OW cert, I noticed that it specifies 5 confined + 4 open dives. Our youth group has completed the 5 pool dive sessions, but will only have a sche...

Rescue Me.
Does Vista have Outlook Express, and where is it? Your timely answer could save random innocent lives.

OT: Frederick Warning Order
Pops is here diggin the trailer with us and our hounds. As an additional bonus, one of my apprenti is also here; to his credit he has abandoned the machinist trade. His lapt...

Lead Backplates.
Well Scott, how about a run of these? Would have to be at least an inch thick to ensure stiffness, a little tin and antimony for strength, and no travel cuts, full size or tal...

This how the locals will greet you in Hawaii

Cholesteatoma Info
My site contains lots of cholesteatoma stories. Check it out.

Our Coral Reefs Are Under Attack Again! HELP!
Our Coral Reefs Are Under Attack Again! They need your help to survive. On April 13, the Florida Department of Environmental Protection (FDEP) announced plans to issue a permit t...

More gun control legislation in action

Does anyone actualy dive?
Or should this be rec.Carl.buthole

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