Gear Maintenance Tip #1
In response to the many comments about how my gear seems to last a lot longer than others, I plan to start sharing some of my secrets. #1 - wetsuit repairs Loctite Cl...

Why we should behave decently
> Can you give us a few examples of where the "police action" approach has worked? Northern Ireland ? As for the failure of the current approach in Iraq in the fight against <...

Diving for science : proceedings of the American Academy of Underwater Sciences Annual Scientific Diving Symposium
Is there a complete list of Diving for science : proceedings of the American Academy of Underwater Sciences Annual Scientific Diving Symposium? I looked at Thanks <...

Test followup
Well, Ron is probably correct, but the problem appears to be with rec.scuba, not some test group, and I was trying to find out if it was something to do with my software or a general rec.scu...

Bora Bora Photos Now available!
OK I've published the pictures from my recent Bora Bora diving trip on my website. When you arrive at the site, click on the appropriate picture icon to get to the right thumbnail page, then cli...

Bill Clinton: I got closer to killing bin Laden NEW YORK (CNN) -- In a contentious taped interview that aired on "Fox News Sunday," former president Bill Clint...

Bill Clinton: I got closer to killing bin Laden NEW YORK (CNN) -- In a contentious taped interview that aired on "Fox News Sunday," former president Bill Clint...

Mystery Surrounds Deaths of Coast Guard Divers
SEATTLE (Sept. 24) - Five hundred miles north of Alaska, a group of shipmates from the Coast Guard cutter Healy tossed a football on the blue-and-white, diamond-hard Arctic ice. ...

Bonaire Trip Report
Stayed at Buddy's Dive Resort Sept 2-9. Accomodations: Adequate - clean, good AC, beds a bit hard though. Deal included breakfast - very good: fruit, breads, sliced deli meats & che...

Test post. Please ignore.

Weird Story For those into this. Great Lakes Dive Company is to be commended for their hard work and technical ingenuity in finding the remains of an

Press Release - Brethren of the Coast - SCUBA Divers Discount Network!
A new and unique membership organization formed for divers by divers is beginning it's membership drive. Shadow Diver's/Deep Sea Detectives John Chatterton and Richie Kohler, in addit...

Divi Tiara Dive Resort Closes
The Divi Tiara Dive resort on Cayman Brac will close on Sept 23. -- I have never met a liberal street...

For Anonymous

For Francis

Tire Reef not working Anybody need a few used tires? Seems like this plan was not thought all the way through.. Dan

SPro G250 please help
Back in 1996 I bought a ScubaPro G250 reg and now somehow the front cover got cracked. I tried a cover off a 2006 G250 but the writing is 90 degrees off. Does anyone know wh...

This is why they will never win

Dutch Springs 9/23
We'll be there on Saturday. If anyone is going to be there and would like to meet, shoot me a reply or email and we'll figure it out. I don't know the place at all, so I can't tell you...

Re: Golden Oldies Published: 19 September 2006 President Jacques Chirac has broken ranks with the US and Britain by calling for the ...

Re: Why we should assassinate foriegn leaders...
Here's another Muslim we should just kill. The Pope must die, says Muslim 18.09.06 Add your view A notorious Muslim extremist told a demonstration...

Golden Oldies
5 From: John R. Macdonald - view profile Date: Wed, Feb 11 2004 10:41 pm Email: John R. Macdonald <> Groups: rec.scuba On 11 Feb...

Another example of the tolerance and beauty of Islam
**********************,,11069-2364282,00.html Mrs Ansari was 16 when her family emigrated in 1984 as the Islamic Revolution in Iran was at i...

Does any of this sound familiar?

Did anyone see this? (Marine animal related) Just thought I'd post something moderately scuba related to see what would happen. I hope I don't kill the internet.

The Religion of Peace sounding off
Hit just any news service, anywhere. Start with Al Jazzera. More bombings, murders, attacks against churches. Al Queda predicting doom, etc.

OT-OBL sends Ted Kennedy a message
After numerous rounds of "We don't know if Osama is still alive," Osama himself decided to send Ted Kennedy a note in his own handwriting to let him know he was still in the game. ...

SSI Open Water Certification Test
While I was down in Florida visiting I took a couple open water dives to be sure I would like diving before I went through the cost/time of becoming certified. While doing some re...

Where to buy a XXXXL Scuba wetsuit?
Hello I am located in Ontario, Canada and I just tried on a XXXL Ocener scuba suit and it was a two piece and the bottoms fitted PERFECT however the top wouldn't even zip up my leg. I a...

What is the minimum safe operating temperature of a scuba tank?
What is the minumum temperature that a fully pressurized 3000 psi aluminum scuba tank can safely withstand for an indefinite period?

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