DAN deeper dive second ok under given conditions ?
Hello, I heard and read that there is a DAN article that says that in multiple diving , the second dive can be deeper given certain conditions. Can anyone tell me the e...

Re: spearfishing in puerto rico
I have been sent to puerto rico for the next year. Love to spearfish and bottom fish (grouper/snapper). I'm having a hard time finding good hunting grounds. There doesn't seem to be...

Re: Need a Scuba refresher
I was certified about eight years ago and since then have only done about a half dozen dives. Since then I've only been freediving. I recently bought a 19cu/ft pony bottle with ...

im letting my daughter take scuba
lessons about how much money do they cost,? what kind of gear does she need and any advice you could give me she is 15 years old and im worried

Carl Nisarel aka Terry Flanagan??
Go gcreime na pisteoga do cheann

How Long do Those Tanks Last
Hello. I don't dive, but I just saw Open Water and was curious about something. How long do those oxygen tanks you wear last underwater? Thanks in advance.

how to stop belt unsewing from BC ?
Hello, I notice some belt of my BC are unsewing, besides sewing them again being carefull not to perforate the BC what glue can I use to put between the BC and belt ? T...

Your email address bounces. Please drop me a line. -hh

232/300 valve thread question ?
I found a couple steel 100's at a pawn shop but they have the 300 bar din valve on them. Are the threads in this tank such that a 232 bar valve with the convertible K insert will screw into ...

BCD Leak - Can it be repaired?
BCD Leak - Can it be repaired? Have a pinhole leak in my vest.. anyone have experience in fixing it? Thanks.

WPost: Deep-Slime Divers Keep Vast and Smelly Sewers Flowing
Deep-Slime Divers Keep Vast and Smelly Sewers Flowing By Mexico City Washington Post Foreign Service Monday, August 30, 2004; Page A18 Photo: http://tinyurl....

Bush says Kerry was more heroic

I'm Certified!!!!!!!!!
Yes, I'm finally certified. I did my four check out dives Saturday and Sunday. Finally I got to do some really diving, even tho it was in a natural spring lake. ...

Bush says Kerry was more heroic

OT Hundreds Held in New York Anti-Bush Bike Protest
http://www.reuters.com/newsArticle.jhtml?type=topNews&storyID=6094361 .... just love it.

OT Bush/Blair movie

Help! - Dacor Falcon BCD draining after diving
I have a Dacor Falcon BCD. I cannot get the last amount of water out of it after diving. The traditional method of blowing it up, holding it upside down and opening the release valve at ...

OT 9/11 toy found inside candy bags

:::PRAISE THE LORD::: :::And praise www.photoenvisions.com ::: For all those non-believers who doubt the existence of my photography "awards", I will pray for you. :o)...

Verse Of The Day
And he took his head out of his ass, and went through the newsgroups, spamming, and pontificating and making an asshole out of himself. He then put his head back up his ass. - Luke 13:...

My Success :o)
My photography business continues to grow. And grow. And grow! *boast* Jealous? I guess there are just people who cannot bear to see someone doing good. They cannot bear the succ...

Very Important Announcement
My photography business continues to grow. And grow. And grow! *boast* Just thought I'd share that *very important news* with you. :o) Steve ...

Contractors act as interrogators Control: The Pentagon's hiring of civ

From Kimber
Hey All! Well I made it! Safe and sound with a whole new kinf pf m pf mre frmrvf (hahaha I fell asleep and woke up to that! as I was saying - )a whole new kind of decompressi...

OT: Olly puts in on the deck

Review of "Open Water"
A group of folks from Capitol Area Divers (CAD) went to see the movie "Open Water" last weekend. Here's a review: A Review by Barzie and Russ R - So, Barzie, tell me, what ...

Full Face Mask/Com Devices
Hey guys- My dive buddies and I are checking into buying full face masks with radio devices so we can communicate with eachother while underwater. Does anyone know about these things? H...

Mayflower wreck pix
Dove on the Mayflower wreck (Lake Kameniskeg near Barry's Bay) last week. Took more than 90 minutes of vidoe. Posted a couple of pix. Follow link below if interested. Thanks http:...

Kimber online :-)
Don't know if she's talking but she's certainly quacking!! SkyDncyr: quack *** Auto-response sent to SkyDncyr: I am currently away from the computer. *** SkyDncyr signed off ...

For Kimber' Recovery
Hope all is going well. Never a good thing we certain parts of the body or surgically opened. Hope the surgery clears up the problem and recovery is quick and uneventful!

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