Boynton - the Hot Saga continues
We arose early to make the 11:00 am departure of our boat. With four of us, it was very crowded. We napped during the grueling 20 minute ride on flat, warm blue water. When we woke up, ...

submerged the movie
Saw a dive movie made in 2000 called Submerged. It was about a 747 sunk by terrorists in the Pacific with 6 people on board. Their air is running out but the Navy Seals save the day by b...

LI, NY dive report
It is a beautiful Sunday morning as we left the dock at 6am. Our destination, the Oregon, again. The seas were as flat as a plumbers *ss. Air temp in the mid 70's with a slight breeze...

Small Deep Pool Convertable to Swim Spa
As a scuba person with a small back yard, I've decided to install a 14'X12' ft pool and, since I'm in Ohio, I Purchased a 18X14 Pro series ( Heavy Aluminum construction) Greenhouse that I wi...

Dude, Where's That Elite?
Dude, Where's That Elite? by Barbara Ehrenreich You can call Michael Moore all kinds of things loudmouthed, obnoxious and self-promoting, for example. The anorexic Ralph ...

BHT II - The saga continues
Today, the blue water pushed in. Air temp: 90F Water: 84F Sunny, except when it wasn't. Seas: < 2' Visibility: 50-70 Again with the Coronet fish. Big ones, littl...

OT Independance Day
Title: THE DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE OF THE THIRTEEN COLONIES Author: John Hancock, Samual Adams, John Adams, Benjamin Franklin, The Declaration Of Independence Of...

Your Scuba Cylinder Can Be An Anchor
Divers, For those instructors who strongly object to free standing tanks on the dive site, I recently had an opportunity to document a laying tank rolling off the dock and into ...

illinois diving

Your Scuba Cylinder Can Be A Hammer
Divers, For those instructors who strongly object to free standing tanks on the dive site, I recently had an opportunity to document an injury to a diver from a standing tank fall...

Congress bans diving in all coastal states (!!)

American military operations in Iraq/Halliburton revenues
American military operations in Iraq and Afghanistan probably will cost $55 billion to $60 billion next year, according to the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office. The figure is more th...

Australia Creates World's Largest Reef Sanctuary for once, some good news.

Introductory Dive Lesson
I'm considering the introductory dive less at catalina island next time I'm there. It's desribed as classroom followed with a closely supervised dive. Any reason not to do ...

Boynton HotTub report
Air temp: 90 seas 2' or less Water temp: EIGHTY FREAKIN FOUR! Vis: 40-50 Current: undecided (Screaming to Zero) Star of the day: Blue Spotted Coronetfish. They're ...

Catalina Island Latitude and Longitude
Do you have access to the latitude and longitude for Ship Rock at Isthmus Harbor and for the north end of the breakwater at Marina Del Rey and for the east end of the breakwater at long be...

LIKE NEW***ScubaPro Steel (High Pressure) Tank $195
Due to time and space constraints with a new child added to our family, we need to sell our ScubaPro Steel (Shorty) 72CF tanks having 3300psi. They are like new. They have only be used app...

Drysuit: Bare XCD2 TECH DRY
Well, I just ordered one of these things: d=61416 from - I hope it wasn't a bad decisio...

Dive Computers
Greetings, all! I'm new to this forum... Taking my OW class now, been wanting to since I was a little kid, but just recently gotten around to it. I was just interested in ...

Help: dacor omni pro computer maunal
I am looking for a copy of the manual for an old Dacor Omni pro computer, or the video that came along with it. I did a google search on this and there was a spot that you could get one a co...

CIA Felt Pressure to Alter Iraq Data, Author Says
CIA Felt Pressure to Alter Iraq Data, Author Says By Greg Miller Los Angeles Times Thursday 01 July 2004 Agency analysts were repeatedly ordered t...

Happy Independence Day
A few here know that the 4th of July is my Anniversary. This year, Jayna and I will spend a day with my father, in Homsassa Springs, and then head down to Busch Gardens and, on Monday will ...

Diver Death LI, NY
Sad news came to me thursday morning when a dive buddy friend of mine said that a diver had died doing a Wednesday night dive. He wasn't sure who it was, but told me the boat that it happe...

Scuba Diving Meets The Onion :
Bent Diver

Neoprene allergy - Culprit identified
Hi all, a few months ago I posted an artical about my problems, after I developed a neoprene allergy at the beginning of this year. I have since undergone dermotological tests tha...

OT: Tired of neoprohibitionists, MADD, and such?
Here's a web site that'll give a chuckle or two, especially for us old tipmeisters...... -- B...

Video Tapes and Airport Security
Just met briefly with my dive buddy from Coz. He purchased one of the resort tapes of one of our dives along with another tape of him and the dolphins. While we were down t...

OT: John Kerry
Hmmm... maybe I'll vote for him after all... or, maybe not. -- C Guynn "I cannot undertake to lay my finger on th...

Spearfishing Specialty
Has anyone ever bought a Sea Hornet or spearfishing specialty.... I did and it doesn't seem to work any better a A.Biller or JBL...

Gulf Invertebrates id
There's a new site for id of Gulf of Mexico invertebrates, set up for NOAA and GSMFC scientists. It's a bit clumsy (sorted by class and scientific name) but the pictures (at least the ones...

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