How much to tip on boat dives?
Just wondering what is considered proper when you were well taken care of. Talking about the dive guild not about the cook.

"The Saratogo"
Has anyone dived or know anyone else who has dived "The Saratogo" near Lulworth Banks. Any info at all would be great. Tony

Mid Florida Keys Trip Report
We had a short two day dive trip planned for the mid Florida keys to Key Vaca, better known as Marathon. Ever wonder why it's not called Marathon Key (as some may call it)? Marathon is the...

Should I update the GPS?
My Garmin "GPS 12 Map" hand held is getting to be rather old. I was thinking that maybe I should get a newer one. What with the improved satellite signal strength, WAAS capability, color L...

DAN Insurance
Hello All, I am from India, just finished my OW certification at Curacao where I work. While inquiring about insurance, it seems DAN preferred plan is only for American citizens. ...

Equalization problems
Just finished by OW certification. However, I went on a dive with the instructor to a nearby island before the certification. I started to dive, but had super sharp pain in my forehead. I de...

OT: Bush and Kerry Parodity
This is a riot, really it's not targeting one over the other it's really funny. There is even a little bit on Clinton. click on the Bush/Kerry box to play the video. <...

Scuba accident off Kaua'i

Hello, I'm quite new to diving and this list. I'm beginning a PADI open water class in a few weeks. But I was recently in turks and caicos and tried to dive with an instructor, bu...

Report Card, FWIW
I didn't compile this stuff. Just passing it on (through?) Sorry for the lousy formatting cross-over, but I don't have time to clean it up. Bart F. Source: http://nets...

OT: Thanks Philippines!
You sold your nation out, saved one man at the expense of uncountable others: And this: http://www....

NH Dive Info Wanted - Isle of Shoals
Hi all. We're signed up to do the Isle of Shoals wall dive and seal dive on Sunday with Captain Rob and I was wondering if anyone has done that area lately. Specifically, what is ...

A question of depth
Gidday, this is my first post here. Last year I dived the Blue Hole near Caye Caulker off Belize. At the time I had about 40 dives at home (New Zealand) in cold water and 15 or s...

Seen on the FoxNews website
Here are some (not all) questions from Fox News columnist and Cato Institute policy analyst Radley Balko to Republican nominee for VP Dick Cheney First question should int...

Depth and Pretty Pictures
Ok, I have about a dozen or so scuba diving magazines that I have picked up over the last six months. All have pretty pictures of coral/fish/vegetation/etc... One thing I d...

Most Common Serious Problem?
Just wondering, are there any serious problems that divers face while at depth that are more common than others? In other words, when a diver has a serious problem at say 60...

LI, NY Dive Report
Does diving get better than this? I don't think so... With the Doria trip canceled (the "other" half of the charter didn't come through), we were still scheduled to go out on Sunday f...
great new dive resourse

diverite Gel Cell 4.6-Amp battery
Question to anyone owning a Diverite light with the wreck I that has the Gel Cell 4.6-Amp battery. Could you please tell me who the manufacturer is (of the battery itself) and pos...

diverite Gel Cell 4.6-Amp battery
Question to anyone owning a Diverite light with the wreck I that has the Gel Cell 4.6-Amp battery. Could you please tell me who the manufacturer is (of the battery itself) and pos...

OT: US School Systems Check-in
My county here in Florida is having to cut programs in the schools to make up for funding short-falls that even raising property assessments has not filled. Are any other parts of...

photos brothers and sudan
hi , For those who are interested I put some photos from the Brother islands, Sudan, Daedalus reef and Elphinstone reef in the red Sea at my dive web site ch...

Timing device advice- was: OT - Gun choices again.
"Curtis" <> wrote in message news:WVlKc.273902$ > "Lee Bell" wrote > > > Tell me, Adam, do ...

for Curtis
Once again, I'd like to say a big 'good job bro' to our bud Curtis. I just caught a part of the competition from a coupla weeks ago on ESPN today. Looks like Curtis finished the competition ...

Finally Did It!
Well, after months of thinking it over I finally decided to sign up for scuba classes in a local city near me. This small scuba store even has it's own swimming pool where I...

OT: For Fishbre396
You are always going on about the Bush family and their support of the Carlyle group, so I thought you might find this interesting. Heinz Kerry is not shy about telling people that she...

F/S Video Housing, Lighting, DUI Dry suit, Gavin Scooter more
I have some stuff I want to part with..IT's all top of the line stuff! Video Housing and lights: The list Price is about $9,500.00 for camera housing. lighting and parts asking only 6k...

Santa Lucia 2004 Shark Photos
Nina's 2004 shark dive photos from Santa Lucia 2004 Covarrubias photos

Tobermory dive questions...
Hi, i'm thinking of going in tobermory at the begining of august... How is water temp? Is it much colder than in kingston? I could put a drysuit, but my girlfriend doesn't have one... ...

Versa Pro 2 vs. Atmos 2
I'm interested in picking up one of these computers a/ my Commander crapped out 3 times in the last 10 or so dives. Crochran tech support wasn't interested in trying to fix it (it's obsolet...

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