31 May 2004 16:19:03
Stephen Weir & Associates
Back From Grenada

I am just back from a week of diving in Grenada and the island of Carricou.
Although I have landed on the island a couple of times over the past few
years up until now I have never gotten in the water. Didn't expect much
because I had never heard anything about the place. Was pleasantly
surprised. Reefs in great shape. There were so many small fish that on some
dives I got vertigo when the schools moved quickly up or down around me.
Saw some things I have never seen before (i.e. - a pinwheel of massive
nursesharks sitting out in the open near a deepwater wreck) and got to dive
the Bianca C, the biggest ocean liner wreck in the Caribbean. Dove with a
variety of operators, their boats aren't flashy but they are seaworthy and
the rental gear seemed to be topnotch (I brought my own) Hit Grenada during
the raining season so the viz wasn't as good as it could be, but, all in all
a good destination.