Budget Accomodatoin at Boracay Island / Philippines
Hi, looking for a budget accomodation at Boracay - only 1 minute from White Beach - ?? Check out http://www.OceanBreezeInn.info Small, but clean, secur...

Diving in Croatia
Diving on island Krk - Croatia - www.krkdiving.com

New Scuba Web Site
Hello everyone! I wanted to announce a new web site devoted to scuba divers. I've worked hard to provide the infrastructure and functionality that divers can use, but I need your help in f...

Recommendations please? Learning to scuba in SE Asia
Hi Everyone, I'm a 24 year old Canuck going down to Australia and will stop by Singapore on my way there. I have a week free (yay) and I know Singapore is an expensive place so I ...

Top Traveling destinations..
Top travel destinations http://top-travel-spots.blogspot.com/

Grand Cayman Diving
This will be our first time visiting Grand Cayman. I would like to dive with a small operator [6 pack] that will allow us to dive our own profiles. Any suggestions? We will be staying near 7...

HP Desktop for sale!
Hi, I have an unused HP Pavilion with the fallowing specs: # Processor: AMD Athlon 64 X2 4000+ (2.1GHz, 2000MT/s System Bus) # Memory: 2048MB PC2-5300 DDR2 SDRAM memory (2x1GB) (e...

Fatloss computer program
I have been using this computer program for a couple weeks now and i am very pleased with the results so far. its a software fatloss program, if your looking for a diet/weightloss plan i reccomend you...

Coral Sea Hurghada
Have you Been here? Any good? Going Christmas. -- Best Regards Baz ><(((>`..`..`...><(((>. `.. , . ....

florida snorkeling from shore
I'm thinking of a trip to South Florida, including the Keys, and would like to do some snorkeling. Is there any good snorkeling from shore spots or do most of the trips require a boat ride...

Isla margarita?
Does anyone have any recent experience on diving, or PADI diving courses, on Isla Maragarita, Venezuela? /jim

Coz -
Headed back to Coz for the 5th time. We are staying at the Iberostar, 10days 9 nights (very near dive sites). Hope to get 16-20 dives. This is our 18 year in a row, diving in November...

review: O'ahu west with Ocean Concepts - excellent as always
We just returned from our trip to O'ahu where we again dove with the very fine operation Ocean Concepts ( http://www.oceanconcepts.com ) out of Waianae Harbor on O'ahu's west shore. OC was ...

review: O'ahu south with AAA Diving - great !
We just got back from O'ahu where we dived with AAA Diving ( http://www.aaadiving.com ) and we had a great time. This was their first 3 shallow dive boat trip, and the format is great - it ...

New dive database...Please message me with suggestions of new locations...need Lat/Lon
New dive database...Please message me with suggestions of new locations...need Lat/Lon http://navquest.com/divesite/divesite.asp Enjoy!

Egypt @ Christmas. Advice needed.
Hi Guys. I have been to Sharm twice diving, first at Christmas and during the summer. We (me, wife and two grown up kids, all divers) intend to go back to Egypt this Christmas, bu...

Andaman Sea, beginning of November?
Hello, I'm thinking about taking a diving trip to Thailand's Similan Islands at the beginning of November. Some sources say the monsoon season's over by then; some dive shops have said ...

Kula / Suds ... where be ye?
You out there lurking? YGM, if had your old email account correctly. -hh

Warning - Golf cart rental - Belize
http://www.channel5belize.com/archive_detail_story.php?story_id=19357 This is just the latest incidence with this company. Others have reported similar problems though not to this ext...

Victoria Beckham Rock and Republic Jeans
http://www.squidoo.com/victoria-beckham-rock-and-republic-jeans Victoria Beckham Rock and Republic Jeans This a smokin' hot Rock and Republic Jeans (these are the R&R) desig...

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