Ocean Rover/Thailand
Any information would be appreciated. How's the boat/food/staff/ diving?

Looking for a great destination
Does anyone can suggest me a realy good place to dive. I have these restrictions: - I live in Seattle (USA) - I have one week to travel (with the 2 weekends.. so 9 or 10 day...

diving in Antigua on August
On August i'm going to stay in Antigua-Barbuda; do you think that it'spossibile to go diving in Antigua?? It's a good place to dive on august?? Do you have the name of any diving cente...

Caught on Video! -all dive related
The new http://www.ScubaMagazine.net Underwater Dive Video & Photo magazine has a user feature where divers can create their own underwater & dive travel related video & photo albums and e...

Diving Germany / Austria
Does anyone have any experience of diving the lakes around the Germany / Austria border? I'll be there - without a buddy - in the summer, near Salzburg, and I can see there are several large...

Is Dive Makai as good as they were when Lisa was there?
If not, who else would you recommend? Thanks. Bill

Huge New Scuba Discussion Forum
For those whom haven't already visited us, we wanted to introduce all to the huge new ScubaMagazine.net Underwater Photo, Video, Travel and Diving Discussion Forum. Memerbership...

Shang Xi Pingyao
Chinese Pingyao 518 http://www.py518.com World culture inheritance history famous city --- Pingyao oldcity,historical consultation, traveling consultation, cultural relichistorical...

Are consumer digital cameras useless for diving?
I've noticed a couple of questions regarding dive cameras so thought I'd continue the trend. A friend spent $700 on a 6mp cannon camera with a dive case. I've noticed most of the pictures ...

Inexpensive camera recommendation
I bought the Sea life dc500 on ebay and will try it in a dive, but the few indoor test pictures were very grainy when viewed on the computer screen. I have NOT tried printing them. ...

Florida diving
I'm looking for some short dives in Florida, I'll be staying in Kissamee with 3 non-divers. Any ideas on locations that have kit hire and a short trip time to dive site? -- Lisa...

Diving Norway - Trondheim
Hi all... We have a plan to go to Norway for diving near Trondheim in June. I seek all info about this place - www will be a great (in english please). Dive sites, botle fi...

Diving in egypt
hello everyone if you lick to dive in egypt and you need any info about diving area in egypt plz eamil me medhatomar@hotmail.com

underwater camera
I am getting the Reefmaster dc500 and wanted to know about getting a strobe. Many years ago I bought a housing for disposable cameras and a strobe, but I needed it as the disposable camera...

Divemaster Work.
I am about to finish my PADI Divemaster certification on Perhentian Kecil and would like to know if there is a site to check that lists opportunities. I'd work for shelter and foo...

Cocos island
What is the best time of year to visit the island when all the hammerheads are around and visible? What do you think of the end of December? Thanks in advance Jamie

U/W photography in Sipadan & Layang Layang
I'm heading to Borneo in late May - plan is to spend 4-5 days diving in Layang Layang, and 4 days in Sipadan. The goal is u/w photography. At LL & Sipadan, I want the "big stuff" - sharks...

afflicted by the "green-eyed monster!"
there are some on this diving board who are afflicted by the "green-eyed monster!" No, it is not a creature from the deep! It is a creature that lies in the heart of man...it is ...

Bonaire Dining Review
For your after diving pleasure: Good Day From Bonaire, Last night I took friends to El Fagon, a local Columbian restaurant on Nikkiboko Zuid (winding Sorobon Roa...

Solomon Island Earthquake!!!
BBC World has just reported an Earthquake in the Solomon Islands! Excuse me for being vague...but was distracted from the TV report but thought I heard that it was high on the Richter ...

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