28 Apr 2004 18:37:54
Sir Paul
U/W mojo/"dancing"

Heard of a salty tall tale of randy divers today doing the 'luuurrrve' thing
beneath the waves?

Anybody heard of folk taking donning Aqualung and getting their mojo on U/W?

I've heard its a funky yet tricky thing to groove!

Lets put this on Open Forum! Anybody got any stories they want to share???

Come on don't be shy. We're all divers. What happens underwater, stays
underwater/stays on the forum!

29 Apr 2004 00:41:49
The Diver
Re: U/W mojo/"dancing"

yes, it is very difficult but can be done best in the 'doggy position'.
1 very important thing to remember!!!!! DO NOT LET GO OF THE SHORTIES AT THE
CRUCIAL MOMENT!!!!! It will get you a round of applause when you climb back
onto the boat but it also gets you a night of sleeping on the deck by your
girlfriend :-(