31 Oct 2005 02:43:30
Habitat Curacao

Anyone been there lately? What is the condition of the resort? How is
the dive operation?

17 Apr 2006 10:34:58
Re: Habitat Curacao

We spent 11 days there over Christmas/New Years. The condition of the resort
is down the tubes. Weeds all over the place. No lock on the bathroom door.
Changed rooms because the fridge didn't work. The tiled steps leading from the
dive shop to the dock were broken. The paint was worn out by the chairs on
the patio. The security guard was drunk when we arrived at 10pm. The dive
shop is run by an arrogant lady. The film she has is expired by upwards of
two years (tells you how much they really care aboutthe operation). The cost
of the room is much higher then the cost to rent a much nicer one to three
bedroom unit further west.

I wouldn't go back to Habitat Curacao for free. The ONLY positive thing I can
say is that the restaurant is run by a very nice family that truly does a good

I stayed at Habitat the first year they opened, and it was very nice. Today?