Weight belt preparation
I'd like to prepare a weight belt based on small lead balls. I'm aware of the gas problem involved with melting lead. I tried dropping slowly melted lead into a bowl w water, but result w

Metal detectors
Has any one used a metal dectector while diving, if yes which one, and did the machine read well in salt water. Thanks


Snorkel Vest - which kind?
I have searched the group for answers to my question, but I am just more confused:o) So here goes: I am a woman, 5 ft., 115 lbs. and I am going snorkeling in the South Indian

Press Release - Brethren of the Coast - SCUBA Divers Discount Network!
A new and unique membership organization formed for divers by divers is beginning it's membership drive. Shadow Diver's/Deep Sea Detectives John Chatterton and Richie Kohler, in addit...

SPro G250, please help
I bought a scubapro G 250 back in 1996 and the front cover got cracked, I tried the cover off a 2006 G250 but the writing does not line up. It's 90 degrees off. Does anyone ...

Update Re: disabled gent scuba dive
Hi, Thanks for taking the time to look at my email. I appreciate it. You may remember that I sent an email regarding asking your support in help raise funds for scuba equipment at www.alov...

Oceanic Air XS problem
I had posted a question on what to do about my Oceanic Air XS BC regulator and since the question has now expired and won't let me post my final resolution; I will do so by starting a new to...

Suggestions for Installing Hose Protectors?
Anyone have tips for pulling tight hose protectors onto regulator hoses? Thanks! Max

4 sale Black Dolphin Pro with KISS
Hello, Selling Black Dolphin Pro with Kiss convertion and many parts all good condition. Will shipp worldwide or pickup. www.scudipros.nl/1 Marc

oxygen analizers
I am in the market for a o2 analizer and am trying to determine if I should buy a stand alone hand held unit meaning you hold it up to the valve or if I should buy the type that connects to ...

Disabled gent in the news regards scuba diving

FA DUI Dry Suit Women's Drysuit
Quality Dry Suit, auction ends on Sept 17th. Thanks for looking! http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&ih=015&item=250027167981&rd=1&sspagename=STRK%3AMESE%3AIT&rd=1

Citizen Men's Eco-Drive 180 WR100 Chronograph Watch-good dive watch?
hi all, Until I purchase a dive computer (hopefully 6 months or so), I am looking at buying a dive watch (time, and chronograph functions) as my current watch would break if...

jvc video
Hi Ya'll. Just bought a jvc mg77 with an Ikellite housing. Wondering what lights do you guys recommend for deep, dark scary Canadian waters?

Good prices in Dive shops in Ambergris Caye?
Hi all, ...

Good prices in Dive shops in Ambergris Caye?
Hi all, As some of you (might) know, I am on the way to AMbergris Caye. A thought crossed my mind today about buying equipment there. I don't know if its possibl...

Removing rust from knives
Will it damage my dive knives to soak them in sodium hydrosulfite (iron out) and water to remove rust? My good knife only has a tiny spot on it, but my cheap knife has lots of tin...

side scan sonar & shipwrecks
Hi Big update at www.ceresm.com, with 3D views of shipwrecks, seabed, bathymetry, side scan sonar images, podcasting from underwater & wrecks adventures, and video about DDay's shipwr...

Question About Drysuits
HELLO!! I am thinking of buying a drysuit. Not a diver's drysuit, but something that windsurfers wear to keep them warm when they fall in freezing water. However, I am not going...

Flooded SD Card
Hi I have a Transcend 4Gb 150x SD card which has just spent half an hour having its first swim in the Caribbean Sea at some 30m / 100ft. Unsurprisingly it is no longer read...

Dayton Daily News Exposes Heimlich's Bizarre Drowning Quackeries
Dayton Daily News Exposes Heimlich's Bizarre Drowning Quackeries Sunday, September 03, 2006 http://tinyurl.co.uk/jb1a The Dayton Daily News has run an extensively researched five-...

Many Thanks for BCD
Hi Again My Cincere thanks for the kind Donation of a used BCD by a kind gentleman. I don't know who you are but I'm very pleased & very gratefull indeed. Many hanks again. ...

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