digital camera
Any suggestions for a good recreational digital underwater camera? We had several of the old SeaLife all of which leaked (we went thru 4) before we finally gave up and returned it. How ...

Manual for Bristol 4S16 compressor?
Are there anyone that got a manual and spare-parts list for a Bristol 4S16 compressor? And perhaps where i could order parts for the same? mvh/ Andreas

O2 Cleaning Equipment
Greetings, I'm new to the Scuba Monster site. As a rule I do not join such groups because there are usually some members who are slightly left of "plum" who tent to get off track and see ho...

SUBJECT: TORONTO - CANADA: Annual SCUBA SWAP and Sale! April 29, 2006! The Ontario Underwater Explorers SCUBA Club is again hosting the annual SCUBA Swap and sale. This is our 15th e...

Scuba Magazines
I currently receive "Rodale's Scuba Diver" as well as the PADI "Sport Diver". I went to the "Skin Diver" web site but my email to them was returned as "undeliverable". Are ...

FA: OMS "DROS" 100% O2 CLEAN Deco Regulator w/ DIN
OMS Deco Reg on ebay ... very good condition

Article in March 2006 issue of Scuba Diving
Was wondering what opinions people had about the article in March 2006 issue of Scuba Diving, page 83, "The Final Ascent". The point the author makes is that "the trickiest part ...

Free Universal Studios Orlando Tickets
Universal Studios Orlando, get 2 free tickets just for doing a 90 min time share tour. Its really that easy! We also have an affiliate program where web masters can ma...

Nitrox - MOD and EAD Calculator
I have written a program to calculate MOD and EAD for nitrox, if anyone would like a copy please email me. Rob

Ikelite 5710 questions
This looks like just a clear box. Anyone know anything about it? I was thinking of using it for a video housing, but can't tell how clear the bottom is.

Free Divelog Download
Free Divelog Download for scuba divers

Re: Thread from soc.culture.puerto-rico
This is getting too interesting.  Take note: Greggie Mossman said: "Only a moron would think that Google is the only way to search for information on th...

Hello! My 7+ years 500+ dives SCUBAPRO SeaHawk BC developed a leak from a seam and I'm looking for a replacement bladder or a complete SeaHawk. Since it's no longer manufactured, ...

SUBJECT: TORONTO - ONTARIO - CANADA: Annual SCUBA SWAP and Sale! April 29, 2003!
SUBJECT: TORONTO - CANADA: Annual SCUBA SWAP and Sale! April 29, 2006! The Ontario Underwater Explorers SCUBA Club is again hosting the annual SCUBA Swap and sale. This is our 15th excitin...

Anyone use these waterproof camera bags from Dicapac? I have seen these on ebay for around $35us. Looks like it might be ok. Anyone use these?

Need tanks; Al, Steel, lo-steel, yada, yada. Suggestions, Please.

FS: Brand New double bladder wing
Deep Outdoors "Double Covalent" double bladder wing w/ 85# lift as seen on Never used - $250 plus actual shipping from central Florida Cash, Pay...

Ikelite housing #6140.62 for Canon Powershot A620
Hi all, I am thinking about buying an Ikelite housing (#6140.62) for my Canon A620. I do not want to buy a strobe... too expensive. Up to now I enjoyed shooting with my old A60 wi...

Aqualung Caravelle Fin For Diving?
Hi folks. Just got back from a LDS where I was looking for an open-pocket fin for use on my upcoming Belize trip. The guy in the shop sold me on the Aqualung Caravelle which see...

Seaquest BCD part needed
My wife has an old (1990?) but good Seaquest ADV BC - bought in UK. The inflator mounting has cracked and leaks air which means I have to junk the BC unless I can replace it. The size ...

m/y Anggun/Thailand liveaboard
Does anyone have any recent experience with this liveaboard?

Repairing BCD?
I have a seaquest BC that is perfect apart from thr fact that the threaded fitting *inside* the bladder that the inflator screws into is air leaks out. Does anyone know:...

Spring Sale
Get up to 50% Off our Ultimate Protein Plus Weight Loss Program now through the end of April. For more information: --...

Thorfinn liveaboard
Does anyone have recent experience with this liveaboard? How many dives does it really offer each day? Looking for comments

As a reminder
in case there is anyone new to the group, several of the James Bond movies were filmed in Nassau, Bahamas. On my summer vacation, I videotaped three of the sets: the British Colonial Hilto...

Toronto: Scuba Swap, April 29
The Ontario Underwater Explorers Scuba Club is having their 15th Annual Scuba Swap at the Etobicoke Olympium on April 29. Learn more at Scott ...

U/W Video Housing Amphibico
Anyone interested in an Amphibico underwater housing for an older SONY V801 video camera? I have the camera as well. Unfortunatley it is only Hi8, not digital. The camera needs ...

Typhoon membrane dry suit material
Hi there, I've got some fairly major repairs to do to my Typhoon Nexus membrane dry suit and I wondered if anyone knows a source in the UK to buy the material that the suits are m...

Equipment Question
Greetings, I'm just getting started in SCUBA but I have an uncle that has been doing it for 20 years (not not in the last 18 years since he got married) ((in addition to the 20 ...

Parts wanted for Dacor 400
Can someone tell me an online source for replacement rubber parts for my old Dacor 400 regulator? *** Free account sponsored by *** *** Encrypt your Internet ...

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