Salve a tutti; vendo Muta Cressi Sub classica 5 mm. 2 pezzi: pantalone salopette con bretelle + giacca con cappuccio a maniche lunghe, aggancio sotto inguine. Guarnizioni nere stagne ...

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leak in mask
anyone can help w/ this situation?- over past few years I have run thru 3 masks- always the same problem- I seeem to get a very small but annoying leak neccesitating clearing my mask 4-5 x i...

PLEASE! Can anybody help me with info on shallow-water valves? If there is such a thing?!!... Or where to find an valve expert! best regards from London! The stud...

For Sale: Beauchat Dry Suit
Very lightly used (6 dives total) Beauchat Baltik dry suit. Tri-lam material with latex seals and hard-sole vulcanized boots. Comes complete with wooly undergarments, hood, gloves and stora...

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Searching for Scuba diving buddies
We are looking for dive buddies who might be interested in sharing an inexpensive live aboard trip to Andros Island in May or early June of this year. The intro trip will be $700.00 per per...

[info] Technisub/Aqualung Taurus
hello! I simply need some information, personal rating or a review, about the jacket in subject. I also looked at the official site and some other but i've not found what i've se...

Tekna dive computer question
Hi, I have a Tekna Computek dive computer from around 1990. However, I took the old battery out when I put the computer in storage so it wouldn't ruin the computer (as I do with ...

valve problem
I am diving in a viking pro dry suit for contaminated water. All is fine. Except I have problems with the valve. Or Should I say valves, for I have yet to be diving with a completely safe va...

Underwater Digital Camera for $99????
I saw a Pixtreme Underwater & Land 3.1MP Digital Camera on for $99.00 rated to 125 feet depth. I see it even cheaper on ebay! Has anyone tried it? Actual sp...

Need parts for DACOR Enduro (old model)
Any suggestions ??? rgds Tommy Larsen

Bladder for SCUBAPRO SeaHawk BC
Hello, For over 7 years my SCUBAPRO SeaHawk BC served me loyally for over 500 dives but lately it developed a small leak from a seam and need to be replaced (meanwhile I'm diving ...

primary lithium batteries
Our products are : CR123A CR2 CR1/2AA from size 1/2AA to size DD......... ER1/2AA ER14250 ER14505 from size 1/2AA to size DD,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 9V lithium batteries in stock Goo...

Aladin Prime
After 13 years of use my Aladin Pro died :-( I'm looking for a new divecomputer and uwatec would be my first choice. Who own's an Uwatec Aladin Prime and can tell me the pro...

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opinion on US Divers Rocket fins vs. another...
Hi, I've just recently started using a drysuit, and need to move to a larger fin. A friends offered my his US DIvers Rocket fins (gratis), rather than me fork out for larger Ae...

Poseidon Unisuit drysuit
Does anyone here dive with a Poseidon Unisuit drysuit? I currently dive a 7mm Henderson neoprene drysuit and am considering changing to self donning suit. I would prefer a bag type suit bu...


Hood Repair/Adjustment
In a different thread over in rec.scuba, I talked about my issues with mask flooding, and suggested it occurs more often when I'm hooded. One possible solution would then be to trim the hoo...

Poseidon BeSea
Hi, What does anyone think of these new BCDs from poseidon? Does anyone have one or used one? Ian

Camera dedicated vs enclosure
I am thinking about getting a new underwater camera. I currently have a Nikonos IV with strobe and close-up kit, which I bought from a friend years ago. My wife [my current dive buddy] doe...

Stinger and dive numbering in Log facility
I recently bought a stinger computer from a web based auction site. Last Friday (06/01/05) I went swimming and wore my watch just so I can start learning how it works before I use it "...

DIR gear questions
How do you obtain DIR style gear, such as regulators? Do you buy hose kits from Halcyon, or do you have your hoses custom made? What brands/types of regulator meets the specification f...

Questions about DIR
How does one go about obtaining DIR style equipment? Halcyon makes BCs and lights, and much of the remainder is just buying certain types of items (e.g. ScubaPro Jet Fins), but what about re...

Gear for Sale
OMS Aluminum backplate sacrifice for $50 6mm Farmer-John wetsuit, excellent shape XL $30 luxfer 100cuft tank current Vis and Hydro. $100

Apex regs -- TX, ATX and XTX, etc - LIDS?
Hi, I would like to buy a set of first and second stage Apex regs. I'm currently a student so price is a rather important factor. Primarily I want this for a wing/backplate with ...

Painting aluminum tanks
I think this may have been covered before, but any tips on repainting aluminum tanks? I figure I'll do a quick sand with some fine grain sandpaper, then spray paint the tank, making sure t...

Apex regs -- TX, ATX and XTX, etc - LIDS?
Hi, I would like to buy a set of first and second stage Apex regs. I'm currently a student so price is a rather important factor. Primarily I want this for a wing/backplate with ...


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