Flying with scuba gear
I just got off the phone with a United Airlines reservation agent. I told her that I had one bag that was going to be over the 50 pound limit for checked luggage, and I wanted to know how mu...

attention apeks quantum users
Hi, Dont' buy the protective cover at It is absolutely crap, mine broke at the first dive, the p...

Camera and underwater housing choices
Hello - am looking for a little impartial advice at this time of seasonal good will. Here's the scenario - currently have a barely used MMII Ex with strobe, wide angle etc. Kind o...

Viton & Nitrile O Rings for sale on Ebay

Henderson wetsuits
I'm looking to buy a couple of 5mm fullsuits for me and my wife. I've had several O'Neill surfing wetsuits over the years, and I liked them, but I can't seem to find anyone selling their div...

Hi, Iam thinking of buying a camcorder and then a housing- -Any suggestions? I know the housing will cost more than the camcorder so a mid -range for camecorder 400-800$. Thanks...

Sealife DC500 Digital Camera -- spare batteries!
Just spreading the word: I needed spare batteries for my Sealife DC500. Most vendors are selling them for approx. $30. So, I tracked down the maker of the camera: a company ...

Practical questions from a new Reg/BCD buyer
Hi, I've had a reasonable browse through past postings so I'll try not to ask anything that's been asked before. I am looking into buying my own regulator/bcd/gauge and have...

Analox Nitrox Analyser
Looking to buy a replacement Analox Nitrogen analyser, cheapest on web is $279, wonder if any 2nd user ones out there. Rob

FA: Ab Iron (and bag if you want the bag -- 99 cent starting bid
here's the link -- Bill

Digital Camera
I am interested in buying an underwater digital camera. After reading about the subject, I found that I could purchase an underwater housing case for the Canon S50 Power Shot I already own. ...

FA - nearly new dive knife
I'm selling a dive knife that was used only once on a training dive - here's the link -- Bill www.w...

Draeger Dolphin SCR for sale
Posting this for a friend. One Draeger Dolphin unit, almost brand new for sale, US$2000 (8 dives only). Four liter steel cylinder. Half Fill Device (New) Fill Adapto...

UW digital camera question?
Hi all. Whats the greatest depth a digital camera in a housing can be taken down? Is there a record? Does the military have any extra special equipment that they would use? Jus...

Southern Hemisphere Compass - Worth it?
Hello All. I'm new to the group and to SCUBA in general. Was certified in Bora Bora earlier this year (ANMP-CEDIP 1*) and and just recently picked up a PADI "Peak Performance Boyancy" Speci...

Waterproof watch
I'm looking for a watch with an alarm function that will survive diving. Normally I just use my cellphone as a watch, but that doesn't work when there is no service. Doesn't ...

Scuba resort design
Hello Group, I am in the process of purchasing an Inland scuba park and need some input on the best design of restrooms, showers, lockers ect. I am looking for all type of ideas. ...

Where are the postings?
From time to time all the new postings are not available on the server of my provider. although the groups are still listed. On earlier complains my provider replayed that th...

Oceanic Instrument Retractor and Chute 3 BC
Where does the Oceanic Instrument Retractor mount on an Oceanic Chute 3 BC? The picture of the Chute 3 (Oceanic website) shows it on the bottom left. I see no way to mount it there. (Through...

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