If you are on Oahu this weekend, there's a sale at
Island Divers Hawaii (IDH) located at Hickham Airforce Base on Oahu. 808-423-8222 IT'S SALE TIME - YEAR END SALE - SAVINGS!!! THIS WEEKEND ONLY! December 2nd Friday Noon thru S...

Oceanic Mask with Head Up Display-computer
Just seen the new (announced june 2003!) oceanic mask with built in dive-computer and a head-up-display. Is it already anywhere available in the world, except for military use? I'd really ...

Scubapro S600/R380/Mark 20 Coldwater performance
I have been offered the above rig second hand. Can anyone give me some information of their experiences with servicing and most importantly for me, a predominantly cold water UK diver, the ...

A new online shop
Well, after 16 years of doing it the regular way, we have joined the 21st century. Come visit our shop at http://www.lonestarscuba.com. We have specials, free shipping and m...

Clean the inside of my BCD
What can I use to clean the inside of my BCD? TIA

3 Wet Suits
One Farmer John (s),top and bottom.Bottom, maybe worn twice. Like Brand new condition.Top near excellent condition. One Womens shorty,never worn.I think it's a med. One custom made womens sh...

FS: Bare dry suit ans stuff
Check out www.powerequipmentservice.ca Bare dry suit Trilam ATR HD, size large new. Red and black. paid over $1600. make an offer http://www.bare-wetsuits.com/bareshop/diveproduct...

Convert Dacor Darwin from console to Wrist
Would love to be able to take my Dacor Darwin computer off my console and use it as a wrist mount. Anyone know if Dacor has the wrist mount that this can be done with?

US Divers Scan 4 repair
I have a US Divers Scan 4 that stopped working. I'd like to repair it but the phone number for USD on my 1998 manual is no good. I understand that USD is now part of Aqualung but I can't get...

LA Dive Shop Favorite?
I am in the process of buying new equipment after being out of the ocean world for 20 years. Am in the process of reading reviews but the amount of options has now become mind bogglin...

Which dive computer would you choose?
I'm looking to buy a dive computer. I was looking for one of those 3 Suunto Vyper (with cable) Scuba pro Aladin tec (with IR) Scuba pro Aladin prime (with IR) ...

Mares Back Inflation BC's???
Doesn't Mares make Back inflation BC's anymore? ChrisMSD

Dive computers
I am going to begin Diving after 25 years. The dive computers are a new thing for me. Anybody heard of any bad incidents or problems or failures? Do they really make diving more worry ...

Mares Morphos Metal Tech LE
I am looking into buying my first BCD. I like the Mares Morphos Metal Tech LE. Anyone have any experience with this BCD? John

Buying new vs. used
It's time. I have to buy. But I can't afford a whole bunch of top 'o the line gear. Is it worth it to look into used equipment? I'm starting from scratch h...

Anyone tried the new merino wool lined wetsuits?

Back Inflation BCD
Just got back into diving this year (5 yr hiatus). I have a ScubaPro Classic BC (10 years old) but it rides high now and the cummerbund runs tight. My weight belt likes to fall below my ...

Looking for trim weight pouches
Hi All: I'm looking to move some of my weight behind me. Ideally, I'd like to put some of it on pouches that mount on the tank strap. Are such pouches available? (I h...

powerhead case
First time post alert: Hello all, My brother wants a case for his powerhead. A quotation from my brother follows: ".223 cal - I think the external dimension...

FA: Canon WP-DC300 for PowerShot S30 S40 S45 or S50
http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=7559244091 Thanks for looking, -Rob. any mail sent to the above e-mail address is auto-trashed, use the 'Ask Se...

good dive shop in UK?
Hi, Where's the best dive shop in the Coventry area? Also, does anyone know of a good shop in central London? (good shop == plenty of stock!) Cheers!

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