Owners Manuals On Used Abyss Drysuit
I just purchased a used Abyss Pro drysuit. The Abyss website doesn't have any owners manuals on their site. Any ideas on where to find one?

jaw/head pain while/after diving
Hi, Has anyone experienced jaw or head pain while diving, or afterwards? Or, have you been diagnosed with temporomandibular dysfunction, also called divers mouth syndrome? I'm doing som...

Recommendation for a DUI dealer in SoCal
Hi all, Anybody have a recommendation for a DUI dealer in SoCal (Orange County or parts near by) TIA, Chuck

What gear to buy first?
Good day! I have recently got my certification, and I would like to start buying equipment. I do not have a huge wallet, but i would really like to know what equipment i should b...

Any Mares Concerns?
Hi folks! I'm in the market for a new regulator. The Mares Abyss comes highly recommended by my instructor. However, the LDS is pushing another brand, namely the Scubapro MK25/S...

Exposure suit for Cozumel
I will be diving in Cozumel last week of Februrary. What exposure suit should I take? I have a 3/2mm neoprene or Lycra body suit. Adam

TAO - got a minute to help?
Eh Tao I too have a rather robust beltline, I prefer to believe that you wouldn't keep a million dollar tool without building a shed over it. I've been looking for a LDS tha...

FA SCUBAPRO CLASSIC PLUS BC w/AIR2 http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=3656001346&category=160 53&sspagename=STRK%3AMESSE%3AIT&rd=1

FA UWATEC AIR Z O2 w/TRANSMITTER, LIKE NEW!! http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=3655998920&category=508 82&sspagename=STRK%3AMESSE%3AIT&rd=1

I was hit by an old sea-mine
I lost my penis and some fish ate him. So if you want to keep your willy, please look for old sea-mines, they are waiting to explode and tear off your willy !

Dacor Viper
Anyone have any experience with these regs? I hear they're easy breathing but are prone to freeflow. Any comments?

Dacor Viper
Anyone have any experience with these regs? I hear they're easy breathing but are prone to freeflow. Any comments?

Bronica ATR info
Hello; This Bronica is a hell of a camera to take underwater (it's essentially a clone of a Hasselblad), but if I can convince a friend to let me borrow it, what kind of housing...

Hong Kong
I know this is an equipment group but it is the one that I watch the most. Anyway does anybody have any thoughts on diving in Hong Kong or places or things to see while diving. <...

where to go
could any recommend some where to learn to scuba dive in the Ashby De-la-zouch thanks liam

3/2 o'neill dive suit vs 3mm full
Just wondered if anyone had an opinion on getting a 3/2 full o'neill reactor dive suit verses the 3mm 3000x full. I will be using it for diving (mostly carribean/Hawaii I would guess) but ...

[eBay] COMPRO Fins
Have two sets, and only need one. See the fins and all my other "junk" for sale at: http://cgi6.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?MfcISAPICommand=ViewListedItems&userid=schoonsjunkyard&include...

Equipment help...
I've been doing research on equipment to purchase and am now at the point where I could use a critique and some answers to questions - a perfect use for a newgroup! I searched around previo...

posdeidon eguipment
Can anyone recommend a shop that sells and services Poseidon regulators? -- Scott Janney

Problem with Ikelite Video Housing
My Ikelite housing flooded, killing my Sony PC120BT. The housing has been at Ikelite for the last two months. They can't find anything wrong. Since Ikelite can't find a fault in the ...

Tank Valve Threads
Are the threads on a scuba valve and the threads on an SCBA (fire department breathing apparatus) valve the same? Thanks

FS : Motor Marine II kit
For sale: Motor Marine II kit complete with 20 mm wide angle, Macro Lens 2T and 3T, lens caddy with adapter for Sea Arm V, High Eyepoint Optical Viewfinder , tray mounting plate with YS-60 S...

VERY SMALL adult mask suggestions
I am looking for a mask for my wife, who is not yet a certified diver, but is now interested in snorkeling (a good first step in the right direction, no doubt!). She is 21, but ...

FS: Ikelite Housing with Sony Digital Camcorder
Both the housing and the digital camcorder are in mint condition and work perfectly. Used on about 20 dives. Being sold on eBay see http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=3653891...

FS: knife, spear gun, wetsuits ...
1) Titanium dive knife 10" long, black and yellow, never used in perfect condition paid $80 will sell for $35 2) Pneumatic spear gun "Cyrano" by Mares, 34" long, perfect working c...

Recommendations on HID video lights/general dive lights
I'd like to replace my current halogen u/w video lights with HID lights. My preference is for a canister HID light setup that I can use for both shooting u/w video and also for general dive...

Housing for Canon 10D
Anyone know of a manufacturer of underwater housings for the Canon 10d?

digital camera for underwater?
Hello, Are there any digital cameras for underwater photography ? how many meters or feet they can reach? they have connection for external stronger flash ? what is the lense aper...

Best light-weight wet suit top for snorkeling?
I occasionally do some snorkeling in Hawaii and Mexico and lately I find myself chilled, even in fairly warm water. I'd like to get a short-sleeved wet suit jacket with a zipper, preferabl...

Full face masks
For your money, what do you concider the most versatile full face mask? -- Sharkbait oh ha ha!!!

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