30 Jan 2006 07:15:25
Mike B
For Sale: Beauchat Dry Suit

Very lightly used (6 dives total) Beauchat Baltik dry suit. Tri-lam
material with latex seals and hard-sole vulcanized boots. Comes
complete with wooly undergarments, hood, gloves and storage/carry bag.
This suit is in brand new condition, and the seals are perfect. I
purchased it when I moved from Florida to Minnesota. I discovered I
don't really care for cold water diving, so I'd rather this suit get
used. Retailed for over $1000 when I bought it -- sell for $500. Email
Mike Berger at mberger@namginc.com if you're interested. You can find
a picture of this suit on Beauchat's web site.

30 Jan 2006 08:32:20
Mike B
Re: For Sale: Beauchat Dry Suit

I forgot to mention size. I believe it's an XL, I'm about 6' to 6'1"
and it fits me with plenty of room to spare for the woolies.

Mike Berger