08 Jan 2006 21:59:31
Martin T
Apex regs -- TX, ATX and XTX, etc - LIDS?


I would like to buy a set of first and second stage Apex regs. I'm currently a
student so price is a rather important factor. Primarily I want this for a
wing/backplate with a single tank/bottle. In the future (when hopefully not
student any more) I would like a double tank/bottle set when I can afford.

Size: the difference +/- between TX, ATX and XTX versions.

What size/version do you think generally is the best compromise?

Quality: Is it any real difference between the 2nd stages 40, 50, 100, 200 and
Tungsten, or is it just simple marketing tricks?

1st stages: What is the difference between all their first stages (some rotate,
other don't -- don't know what's best)?

Where can you get the best price on Apex regs?

I currently live in Sweden, but in addition to order international on Internet,
I visit London from time to time.

LIDS, when/where is that, and is it worth to visit it if I want a good price on
a set of Apex regs?

Thanks from a (temporarily) poor Swede and rather new diver,


Martin Törnsten - http://martin.tornsten.com/

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