05 Mar 2004 14:59:24
Tom Wheeler
shots in hip.

Last sunday after doing over 25 miles on bike. picking up 10 cent cans,
staghorn sumac and cat tails. I got 2 pack of hamburger 75 cent off,
look and smell good. some little debbie swiss miss cakes, and some
butter. got home around 1400 hour. cook the 2 pack of hamburger. ate it
a couple small 2pack of cakes and fell a sleep with a bad back hurt
right side.
woke up at 1830. in a lot of pain. try every thing on to get pain gone.
was 2330 I was going to hospital. I was in real bad way.
mini hospital close. so went into meyers and told people to call 911. I
was hurting.
1210a.m... the off dude cops,2. and some firemen show up. taken a few
cystic and they call for an ambulance. by 110 I was in the van ridding
too hospital. yelling as loud as I could. OW E.
In the hospital checking in I said Lady I already told this 500 tames I
am in PAIN OH e EEeeeeeeEEEEEE, hurt really really bad... she said
from 1 to 10. I said G DAM IT 20 OHHH EEEEEE......
so after being check in I was nude on a table with a robe on
backwards. why is that. so I seem to got rid of the pain.
after doctor was here a nurse gave me a shot in each hip. and a
it was going on 2 a.m. mondays and my truck was 25 miles back at the
I have zero money because I have not had a job in 18 month now. and now
a week too has gone by with my x boss not calling me back. what else id
is new. So I don't have a ride and money fro taxi. Wait a minute. This
is e. Lowtuc, lowtuc zowtuc, 309, and a few others. Why in double H
all would I need a ride.
So looking up in my cute old face I ask the nurse. Would it be alright
for ,me to walk. she said I don't see why not. it going to be 40 degrees
and you look like you could do it. I said it is 25 miles. he said at 18
miles if you need help call 911 and get a ride. the drug should wear off
by then.
I thought I did 18 butt it looks like I did 22 miles. stop at sister who
gave me a ride and 10 bucks and a bag of bottles 10 cent. with the bag I
was to carry. I went home. so my cousin off to korea, and went to mini
hospital for prescription. 12.50. I got it. and that was that.
wrong. on tuesday I was back at hospital mini. OW EEEEEE
so wasn't a kidney stone. and a 4 time stronger pain media. Knock me
out. I got 6 bucks. I got it. funny man before me was 185.00 and
130.00 off of his card. OW EEEEEEEEEE. well This Sunday I can
go back to my ride. This doctor gave me some info on To do a TRI or
ironman. and besides I was the 2nd best shape person he has seen in a
long time. OWWWWW EEeeeeeeeeee......
so Rand R... I am not sure if a 25 miles pick up cans and sleep walk 22
mile is a start. butt. well there it is.
I threw e out my wild food. and monday might be better for me.I can't
seem to get anyone to hire me. so ironman might be it. back has to see
the truth.
Good luck all god speed.rr

painting done. 248 627-8769
Ortonville Michigan 48462
Tom Wheeler owner and only worker.
48 year old painter. You buy materials.you not responible for
injuries,or you well not get sued by me/injuries. or others. been
painter numerus years. I am a Great painter..

06 Mar 2004 08:36:01
Loaded Gunn
Re: shots in hip.

ha ha ha. very funny.
see I told you..
nobody calls me too.
anyways Ha ha ha you all are very funny.
God speed everyone RR two.
no wonder I like the great out doors
I am a nature person.
ow. should be.I am sorry world is the way it is. I well rather be in
oh the he llo with this.
may pluto beat your door.
sleep when you die,.
I going to get cans. potato rice and well potatoes isn't good for me.
A big crack in back this a.m. I am gone.
work looks hopeless. I call and no one calls back. so many times, after
times and do it like a speer, and not a speer. every way and again zero
need my help. Well O.K. then...... So time for nature,out doors and
ride. 64 mpr winds yesterday wonder what else is down. RR god
speed. only bike in nature to see what 64 mpr winds can do.
because later I hope speed is the word. you well need it.
ha ha ha you all so funny. I know you can here me. KYA in miles for
year. well find out too. God speed in your miles rr. ) rec
running) because if you don't . Know one else well.
Why should I care no one want to have me get pay for work.
Now for something real. like to see what 64 mph winds has done to the
area. on a mt bike. and get 10 cent cans to boot. and maybe some food
for the day. might need some. Oh to hurt one back and walk out that
door to see if I am still able.
Ha ha ha. I laught right back at you. shot in hip.
OW eeeeeeeee

06 Mar 2004 08:48:46
Miss Anne Thrope
Re: shots in hip.

Outdated hamburger and swiss cake rolls? Is this a new twist on the
Atkins fad?