The introduction of christianity for towelheads.
Jesus christ slit Allah's throat, and humped his woman up the poop chute, so christianity can rule. -- -- Alric "bionic lips" Knebel 284 McDonnell ave or 16201 Cervan...

Concept of God in Islam
WAMY Series: On Islam No.9.Introduction God's Attributes The Oneness of God The Believer's Attitude Introduction It is a known fact that every language has one or more t...

Turkey makes my weiner hard!
Why does turkey get me so hard? I'd say it's the way he looks at me with those big beedy eyes, but of course he has none anymore. Maybe it's the way he shakes his booty as he walks away, bu...

Sung to the tune "Were Roto Rooter, that's our name".
I'm Alric Knebel that's my name, with me you won't blow a nut in vain. I will savor then swallow it, and not spit it down the drain. I'm Alric Knebel, that's my name, being obsessed with Bil...

Heal pain and heelseats
Has any used these heal seats from, and do they really work. I had problems a while back, but wearing arch suports from the foot doctor and in time the pr...

I'm back.
I got cleared yesterday to run, although it will be about two weeks before I can start running intensive again. I will start swimming and biking though and ween off those as I build up my m...

Happy turkey day!
Whew it's nappy time. I'm tired from being up so late. Today when dinner was ready everyone (Dolly, and my invisible friend Jean) asked my why I wasn't having turkey, and all I could do wa...

Heather on Homeless Holiday Hype
Homeless Holiday Hype December 7, 2002 By Heather Mac Donald It's the holiday season--the time when New York's press likes to scarf up the homelessness industry's lies ...

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Costume party at my house tonight!
All males welcome tonight at my place for an "all male review". When: 9pm Where: 284 McDonnell ave Biloxi -- -- Alric "bionic lips" Knebel 284 McDonnell ave o...

My new blog!
Check my new blog!

Sexy girls rec.runnig in US

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Masochistic passifists?
Call me, anything you want. The dirtier the better. -- Alric "bionic lips" Knebel 284 McDonnell ave or 16201 Cervantes Ct Biloxi, MS (228) 432-0131 --

Re: a question for the markie tard
"Eric the hair Oyen" <> wrote in message news:... > Which do you enjoy more Mark? > > A. Sucking cock > > B. Having cock rammed ...

~ * Heroic helper needs help ...
"This hero helped a lovely woman, As she was repeatedly stabbed, From our neighborhood, A block over ..." ~ Twittering LSTOO & Folly IAG ~ * ~ Hero who ...

Let me count the ways...
"How do I love thee? Let me count the ways...right hand, left hand, right hand, left hand, right hand, left hand... Two times is my limit. -- Alric "bionic lips" Kneb...

I need love, not the internet!
Come to my house and "do me" so I can get over my obsession with the internet. -- -- Alric "bionic lips" Knebel 284 McDonnell ave or 16201 Cervantes Ct Biloxi, MS...

Another lonely night for me.
Another night all alone, nobody to talk to, or hump, just me and my rubber woman. Won't someone PLEASE have sex with me? I'm easy, I'll pitch, or be a catcher, anyway you want it, just so I...

Dick: How do I love thee? Let me count the ways...
Alric "bionic lips" Knebel 284 McDonnell ave or 16201 Cervantes Ct Biloxi, MS (228) 432-0131

Anal sex: better than anything...
Alric "call me" Knebel 284 McDonnell ave or 16201 Cervantes Ct Biloxi, MS (228) 432-0131

I'm Bill Davidson, and I suck cocks.
Hi. I'm Bill Davidson. If you've been on the internet long, you know me. Well, I'm looking for some warm male company, just about anytime. I like studs, I like twinks. I like them AL...

My horny mouth wants cock
Look at the picture of my below, and you tell me if I'm good looking enough that you'd let me put my mouth all over your cock. And I do in fact swallow. Be warned...

I'm up for some cocksuking.
Do you think I'm cute enough? Check out my website. You decide if I'm the type of guy you'd enjoy having suck your cock. Bill Davidson -- Index to the Bill David...

I'm gay, and I'm ok. By Alkric Knebel
But I'm a pedophile too, a sex offender, and I like poop. I think I need help, or a date. -- Alric Knebel 284 McDonnell ave or 16201 Cervantes Ct Biloxi, MS (228) 432-...

I love big, fat, thick, hard, throbbing, hot, manmeat in my mouth and ass.
Give it to me aby, uh huh uh huh... -- alric Knebel

First training run in years
The particulars: On my old Trotter treadmill, bought very used for $200 from the local YMCA where I volunteer, has something like 90,000 miles on it but will probably outlast me...

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