apology for Bush - OT
I was watching CSPAN for a while in the evening. At that time a few senators were offerring apology on behalf of the Senate for not interfering in the past and putting an end to mo...

Is solidwear naturals a good brand of polyester track pant?
I bought the pant/jacket combo for 6 bucks at liquidation world. i bought 3 pairs. i ran 20 minutes with no reoccurrence of my groin injury so i feel i can endorse these track pants. <...

Bad Poetry
Bad Poitree is what i write Bad Poetry is my life I want TBR to do me hard Bad Poetry is my right

... the year without words."
"Closer and closer comes the hour of my death as I rearrange my face, grow back, grow undeveloped and straight ~ haired. All this is death. In the mind there is a thin alley c...

Adidas -- 10% Off All Originals Apparel (Exp 06-19)
http://tinyurl.com/batnr Coupon Code: AFFILR9XH6DF

Eastbay -- 30% Off (Exp 06-17)
http://tinyurl.com/blrqf Coupon Code: PR999900

Pull bike cart
Too heavy....... Back- pack packing....... need to learn this better. Go lighter....... pull bike cart= bad idea.......deleated. small light holding ...

Do any of you runners drink a lot of milk? If so, what benefits are there? Pros or cons?

Weight loss during a race -- a case study
I ran a trail 1/2 M today (13.4 miles per GPS, 1800' of climb). Before I left, I weighed myself on my digital scale: 153 lbs. During the race I drank a 20 oz bottle of Cytomax (wt: 1...

Sierra Trading Post -- Free Shipping Riddle (Exp 06-15)
http://tinyurl.com/7qtv7 Riddle: Victor Charlie-25Alpha becomes what when CINC embarks. Answer: Air Force One Combine with coupon code 35575 for free expedited surface...

Training Week Ending June 12, 2005
Greetings, rec.runners! Please tell us about your training week and goals. cheers, -- David (in Hamilton, ON) www.absolutelyaccurate.com - director Sou...

Question re PaceMaster treadmill
Hi, I recently purchased a PaceMaster treadmill, Gold Elite model, for working out at moderate levels (usually below five mph, for around 30-40 minutes per day, six days a week)...

5 Peaks Report
Second race in the series. The first one a couple of weeks ago was easy trails witth some rolling hills. This one, at Rattlesnake Point Conservation Area west of Toronto, was very differen...

I'll be in Toronto 12 Jun-16 Jun, and meeting Frank for a run. Anyway, everyone from r.r is invited to join. Contact me by email if interested. Cheers, -- Donovan Rebbechi ...

making sense of my heart rate.
Hi, I've just started running regularly again after a period of only doing other exercieses for a while. I've invested in a heart rate monitor and want to do things right. My...

Running in warm weather more effective?
Yesterday was a warm day. About 99 degrees F. I ran my little 2.8 miles distance and was wondering, is running in warm weather more effective, in some way, per minute of running, than runnin...

a black toenail question
now for some unknown reason i have developed a bit of a black toenail that is smaller than a dime and is located at the base of the nail. now i am experiencing no pain or discomfort. there...

LAMM 2005 urgent new partner needed
I'm entered in next weekend's LAMM in the B-class. Unfortunately my partner came off his bike yesterday, breaking his collarbone. So I'm in desperate need of a partner to have some fu...

I ran 2.5 kms without pain this week
Yes, my standards have lowered. Looks like my groin injury is history. I just need to build up very slowly. Did a 9 hr hike also. Have to say that hiking 9 hrs is not comparable to running a...

Some get no benefit from exercise
Exercise 'may benefit some less' http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/health/4059695.stm There may be an explanation for why those gym workouts seem not t...

running & HRM
Hello Group, I have been running for a few years and I use a HRM occasionally. I do long easy runs (at 160-170 bpm) and sprints (at 170-180 bpm). I do not go lower than 160 bpm, o...

Stop cAlling my house
Virginia or Bill or whoever it is. stop calling me. it's not funny and i dont want to giveto greenpiece or the sherrif or the michael jackson defense fund. i am poor and i can barely kee...

natural fiber apparel
I ame across something new (at least to me): clothing made from bamboo. It was at a booth at a festival/fair in kentucky. It was a little pricey ($5 per pair of socks) but I bought a couple ...

Oh Charles...
Wow! Vacuum cleaner sex. What will he think of next??

shorts with pocket
I'm looking for the ideal "urban long run" shorts. Can someone recommend running shorts with the following features: - interior key pocket - at least one side or rear pocket, for...

Eastbay -- 20% Off Gift Certificate (Exp. 6-17)
http://tinyurl.com/c95jr Coupon Code: EM01GC20

I'm here, and I'm cleaner
Nobody's cleaner, than Mildred Fleener.

Shoe Wear Pattern & Replacement
I have checked my two pairs of Gel Asics TN337, a trail shoe. All are showing identical wear pattern. A spot on the outside of the midsole (14 cm from toe of shoe) on one of the pairs has wo...

Run Fast - Win a Million! Las Vegas Marathon
By Ed Koch LAS VEGAS SUN The 39-year-old Las Vegas International Marathon is history, but organizers of the New Las Vegas Marathon hope to make history at the Dec. 4 inaugural

summer marathon in midwest
here you go...... the best in the midwest in JULY http://www.algercounty.org/ Grand Island TRAIL marathon - july 30th - race temps in 60's JK

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