New TBR book
Took a look at this in the bookstore, and it is not heavily revised because TBR is perfect.

New Daniels book
Took a look at this in the bookstore, and it is quite heavily revised. Among the changes: (*) a number of the anecdotes have been updated/added. He features other runners he's co...

Who are you?
Subject: Virgin(iaz) loses it... From: "np426z" <> Newsgroups: rec.running Subject: Virgin(iaz) loses it... Date: Mon, 2 Aug 2004 10:52:08 +0000 (U...

The Jungle....:>) so growing here. (Sports meds) ins.
2250=F7166 days=3D13.554216 miles on a bike. 2200=F7166 days=3D13.253012 miles a day. 166 half marathons. 2005 in 166 days well over 5000 miles in 365 days. 365-1...

How to Refresh Legs?
My legs are always tired to some degree. Is there any techniques, tips or tricks I can use which will help restore fatiged muscles? Over and above the obvious solutions of a...

Race mishaps?
There is a variety of things that can go wrong in a race and a variety of ways in which race arrangers can goof up: the leaders in the marathon race can be directed to the halfmarathon cours...

Portland Marathon & Jock n Jill Half in Seattle
I am registered for both of these marathons and was wondering if anyone had any experience with the courses. It was hard to gage them online and I have been running relatively flat surf...

Drafting in Race and Etiquette
I ran in a Half Marathon last Sunday and had a minor conflict with someone I was drafting behind. At about mile 3, I started drafting behind this guy and he immediately and vocally expresse...

You've been HADD test
You sukas, Donovan trolled you good with his phony test. You've been HADD.

You've been HADD test
You've been HADD, Donovan was playing with you with that phony test.

Hadd test
I just did the Hadd test, following Donovan's protocol: In the interests of brevity, I did "only" 4 laps at each heart rate, starting at 140, then going to 150, 160, 170, 180. Whi...

TheBillRodgers Traing Program.

Lance Armstrong's training program
Run...a lot.

Hal Higdon's Training Program
Has anyone ever used Hal Higdon's Novice Training Program to complete a Marathon? I used to be a fairly dedicated runner, doing 8 miles a day four days a week and completed a co...

setting pedometer, anyone help?
Hi I have a eurohike distance pedometer. It has stride setting of 6ft. I haven't used it in a while & have forgotten how to set it. I know i have to stride a certain amount & measure it...

TheBillRodgers breaks EVERY world record running record in one run!!!!!!
Man I am AMAZING!!! I went out fast shattering every short and middle distance sprint records, turned it on after 10k, and went on to break the world records in half marathon, marathon, and ...

!A Morning Wood Roadside Semi ~ OTIC ~ **
!Be Warned! Sign Says ... ~ * ~ _________________________________________ ~ * ~ A Sign, A Boarded Shingle Hung Out TO Dry ~ * ~ ! * ! Types of Cou...

landice l7 vs pacemaster gold elite treadmill feedback?
I was contemplating purchasing a Landice L7 Pro Sports Trainer (maybe more than the PaceMaster Gold Elite). Can anyone tell big differences in the operation between the 2 treadmills? I had...

~ * Morning Wood MADmedED ~ Yes, Moore ~ !
~ * ~ _________________________________________ !Morning Wood Continues Medical Education ~ _________________________________________ ............................ the Flickeri...

a new york city marathon question
could someone explain the reasoning behind why the women's winner of this year's new york city marathon will be recieving $30,000 more than the men's winner? if the men and women are runni...

Working and running
Hello newsgroup I have begun running again after being unable for about a year now. I'll be working at a factory after the holidays, and I'm wondering if I can stick to a running ...

New 100m record TODAY!
Today TheBillRodgers broke the world record set yesterday by some skinny black guy, by 3/10ths of a second! Hail TheBill!

New 100m world record
Asafa Powell - 9.77,,7713-1654627,00.html

Retarded Marathon Fundraiser.
Hi folks, I recently joined the Retarded Society's "Team In Training" (TNT) fundraising program. Whereas most fundraising efforts celebrate reaching their goal by throwing a big party, I'll ...

Leukemia Marathon Fundraiser
Hi folks, I recently joined the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society's "Team In Training" (TNT) fundraising program. Whereas most fundraising efforts celebrate reaching their goal by throw...

mortons neuroma
I have Morton's neuroma, (at least that's what I'm told). The last think in the world I want to do is have surgery to correct this long term problem. Has anyone had any luck with any a...

Foot Locker 100% off everything in the store
Everything in the store is 100% off today only! Place your online order now to qualify.

Foot Locker -- 15% Off $99 (Exp 06-30) Coupon Code: LKS16JNF

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500 watt athlete
The New York Times says Lance Armstrong can generate 500 watts of power for hours at a time while bicycling up hills. A typical endurance athlete of his weight generates about 300 watts...

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