Getting back on track, slowly
Reminders: 1) Rotator cuffs are not meant to be torn. 2) Some people don't learn from a first time. 3) Some rotator cuff tears are incompatible with running. I'm now get...

Hyper, in The Bole, or The Pee Promenade Prance ~ !
~ * The Tactical Caper, An Unsolved Murmur's Heard in The Gallery Of The Mummies * ~ A breather reporting On the dreary particulars, For example ~ Got to indulge ...

Saucony Grid Stabil MC 5
Hello. Any pronaters try the Saucony Grid Stabil MC 5 yet? Is it a good update from the Saucony Grid Stabil MC? Thanks, Dan

~ ! BE a Tattler ~ ! * I told. Did you ~ ?
~ * The Morning Wood Motto For the Month of May ~ "Do not let The Waspies Get you. For know ~ Seriously, The Waspies will spoil All your fun ~ !" ~ * ~ B...

How did I get this calf injury?
Has anyone suffered from a calf injury while just jogging gently? This happened to me on a run last week. I was only a mile and a half into a five miler and was doing a very easy 8.5 minute ...

The Child to Study Centers in NYC
"O, Dr. HK ~ ? Do you know Ms. Danielle Steele? Who's son died by suicide?" ~ Folly "If you see Ms. Steele, or Ms. Emma Peel, say ~ The Avengers, yes, We ...

thinsulate socks
I run in Canada and it is often cold and wet. I read recently about thinsulate sicks that an ultramarathoner was using - costing about $70 and she swore by them. Does anyone know whe...

free chat - is a fun and cool online chat room aiming to promote friendship/sharing of ideas between people from all over the world. free chat room!

regarding races - a question of ethics
I make it a point to run one race every month. Then locally (here in Big Sur, Santa Cruz, Monterey Bay, Bay area etc) some nice races come up in scenic locations (beautiful trails)...

Who all is making the pilgramage to the flatirons of Colorado? An injury is keeping me from running, but I am planning on walking with my wife and daughter. Just curious as to how...

Places to Run in Charlotte?
I am looking for places to run in Charlotte near the I-85 and W W T Walt Harris Blvd. area. I know the UNCC campus is nearby, but I am looking for scenic running trails as well. T...

50 miler
bike 43 walk thru rugged 7 miles. park and lock bike in front of a beach area. all up hill to state land. heron lake Holly....Michigan. pick up 10 cent cans to and fro. stop ...

Question for suggestions about hear rate monitors
I am a High School Runner, I do Cross Country in the fall and Track in the spring. Now that track is winding down I am looking towards Cross Country and how my coach has been encouraging ...

Ron Grossi recommends Hustler magazine as a "tension releaser".
Ron Grossi recommends Hustler magazine as a "tension releaser".

Race report: Capitol Hill Classic 10K, 5/22
The morning started off well: for the first time ever (out of at least 20 attempts), I managed to find my way to a new destination inside Washington, DC without getting lost at least once al...

runners against bush
"I'm very concerned about cloning. I worry about a world in which cloning becomes acceptable." - PRESIDENT BUSH LOL. I wouldn't clone clown W for anything in this world (well may ...

First marathon - what training plan is right for me?
I am 31 and have been running on and off for about 10 years (sometimes with long pauses...). At most I run 3-4 days a week, around 3-4 miles each run. I am wondering what sort of plan I sh...

Weight and Performance
My marathon personal best is 3:17 when I weighed 168 lbs. I now weigh 158 with a goal to weigh 148 for a September marathon. What time improvements can I expect for every 10 lbs lost? ...

ear disease
Hi, Who has ever heard of a runner who suffered of Meniere's disease/ syndrome or of endolymphatic hydrops? Does it go together? Thanks

RR: Turnagain Arm 8 miler
Race: Turnagain Arm 8-miler Where: Turnagain Arm Trail, Potter to Rainbow, Anchorage, AK When: May 17, 2005; 6:30pm Distance: 8 miles / 1130 ft according to guidebook (or 4 miles / 300 ...

Training Week Ending May 22, 2005
Greetings, rec.runners! Please tell us about your training week and goals. cheers, -- David (in Hamilton, ON) - director Sou...

~ A Morning Wood Self ~ Help Agenda ~ !
A is for Arsenic. B is for Belladonna. C is for Crash. Or just consult ... ~ * ~ _________________________________________ ~ * ~ The Morning Wood S...

Yahoo is tracking you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Yahoo tracks all of its users everywhere on the web and the way to opt-out is detailed below. If you have a Yahoo e-mail account or belong to one of Yahoo's many Yahoo groups, this probably ...

~ * A Dark Morning Wood Sign ...
~ * ~ _________________________________________ ~ * ~ A Sign, A Boarded Shingle Hung Out TO Dry ~ * ~ ! * ! The Faithful Meade Lens Reminder ~ ! __________________...

Foothills Academy's 14th Annual Run Walk 'N' Roll
Foothills Academy's 14th Annual Run Walk 'N' Roll .. To Benefit Children with Learning Disabilities! Join 1500 participants at the 14th Annual Foothills Academy Run Walk 'N' Roll...

~ Run for your life ~ ! *
"Then something happened As a personal experience which changed all that. So now, for me, It is established as a matter of fact." ~ em "What happened, What is...

Forerunner 201 Inconsistent Calories burned calculation
I have been using my Forerunner 201 for almost a year, and about a month ago, the calories burned calculation changed significantly. A 4-mail run would typically show about 530 calories bur...

foot prints in sand.
r to l and left to right. 12 feet. old run style before hurt leg. near 3 years back. =3D 3.1/2 feet or 7 feet. so far this week in miles =3D 20 32 and 35 or 87 and 3 days left ...

WTF is up with Google and Ron Grossi?
WTF? Everybodys responses, comments, and taunts were deleted? WTF is wrong with Google?

* * * Important Please Don't Read * * *IT'S ASSHOLE RON AGAIN! May 18,
Ron Grossi is a SPAMMING asshole, and he likes it up the ass by satan.

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