Race Report - Muskoka Trail Race Series - Hidden Valley
Hidden Valley is known as a ski resort about 2.5 hours or so North of Toronto. It also has trails. This second race in the series was 6.5KM. Mostly up and down. REALLY up and down. ...

Chiros cure skin cancer!!!!!!!
The latest research shows chiropractic adjustments can cure skin cancer.

Is it a good idea to run treadmill in the basement
Hi: Currently I run on my treadmilll in the basement. My main concern is dust. I saw a lot of dust on the surface, but not much dust in the air. Is this a problem? Than...

Bison Liquid Sole in UK?
Anyone know where I'd buy Bison Liquid Sole in UK? TIA, Jon C.

Ravenous after long run
After my last 3 long runs I've had a hard time controlling my appetite. I can easily consume up to 6,000 calories. If it weren't for the fact that I eventually go to sleep, I'd consume eve...

Let's fight against Inforelation.com - spamming service!!!
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breathing through ?
Hi , There is some contradicion in breathing techniques in the literatures. Whether one should breathe through the nose or the mouth while running and which one would ...

Hmmm, rather quiet this morning...
...so I feel it's time for one of our little chats. I'd tell you of my exciting weekend if only I'd had one. Sadly, it held nothing of note - or at least nothing in which you'd be interes...

w f you


happy 4th of july
happy 4th of july to all and to all a good night plodzilla

Natural recovery drinks
Hi everyone, Is there anyone out there who uses natural (organic) recovery drinks? I'm interested in finding a natural alternative to something like Endurox. Thanks, ...

To Gu, or not to Gu... that is the question.
Hi everyone, I'm a novice runner, and have one marathon under my belt. I'm starting training on my second marathon, and this time my girlfriend is running it with me. I'm curious at...

Bridge to Bridge Run - San Francisco
Does anyone know how to register for this race on 10/3? I'll be in SF that weekend and would like to do it, but the website - http://www.bridgetobridge.com/ - still says registration info ...

Race report: Coastal Charity Challenge 1/2 marathon
Event: Coastal Charity Challenge 1/2 Marathon. 3rd July 2004. Location: Louisburg to Westport, Co. Mayo, Ireland. Course: Undulating course on tarmac coast road. Beautiful scenery with Mount...

Race Reports: Seattle Shore 5K Run & Firecracker 5000
Shore Run Distance: 5K Date-Time: June 27 8:30am Place: Lesci Park to Madison Park Weather: 60 degrees Sunny An incredibly beautiful morning. Mt Ranier was in...

Avelox and tendon problems
I am currently taking Avelox for an infection. This is a pretty strong antibiotic that is in the same family of drugs with Leviquin (sp.?). The pharmacist warned me that strenuous activity...

Bone spurs were NOT the problem
Thank you to everyone who encouraged me to get a second opinion when my family doctor diagnosed me with cervical bone spurs. My complaint had been pain behind and under the left ear and pai...

I did it - Revolutionary Run - Wash Cross, PA - 10K -race report
Great day for a run - moderate humidity - temps probably about 80 degrees. But, most of all, I did it! Time was slow - foot hurt but I covered the distance in 66:08. Hubby did it in someth...

Running Faster VS. Jogging up an Incline
I try to limit myself to only 30 minutes of exercise per day. I figured that most people are far more likely to stick with a daily routine if it consumes the least amount of time possible. ...

Treadmill vs Actual Running
I've always wondered if there was a significant difference between using a treadmill and actually running (or jogging) around a track. It seems to me like a person on threadmill doesn'...

Training Week Ending July 4, 2004
Greetings, rec.runners! Please tell us about your training week and goals. cheers, -- David (in Hamilton, ON) www.allfalldown.org www.absolutelyaccurat...

Re: Peachtree Road Race
np426z wrote: > <tenkbabe@yahoo.com> wrote in message > news:cc72g1$p5t@odah37.prod.google.com... > > tkb, are you *really* a babe? (Yes, you can guess wha...

Wish me luck for the Revolutionary Run tomorrow - Wash Cross, PA - 10K
I'll need it - first 10K ever for me!!!!!!!!!! But, happy that I"m trying. Dh is also jumping on my bandwagon and doing it but he's a marathoner so the distance is no biggie for him. I'm o...

Re: Peachtree Road Race
> Anyone running this? This will be the first time in a long time I have > not run it. I have literally spent about half of my 4th of July's running > this race. <...

Distance accuracy of the Geko 201, or other GPS-receivers?
When I'm measuring the distance of a trail that is partly going through the woods, and according to a map should be 10km, my Geko 201 says 8.85km. What experience do you have of distanc...

Would you run up to someone in traffic?
Today, I was in the left lane of a construction area. The left turn lane was torn out and someone was trying to make a left turn from the wrong lane for it. I looked a little clo...

Spike question.
I can see the need for 1/2" long pyramids for running on soft, loose dirt, but when would needle spikes in that length be useful? You can't use them on a synthetic track. Are they for cuttin...

El Guerrouj's 1,500M Unbeaten Streak Ends
I guess there is a changing of the guard in the 1500m. The first time he has been beaten in 4 years. It looks like the Olympics could be wide open. http://www.usatoday.com...

Peachtree Road Race
-----BEGIN PGP SIGNED MESSAGE----- Hash: SHA1 Anyone running this? This will be the first time in a long time I have not run it. I have literally spent about half of my 4th of J...

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