Intercounties x-country,shrewsbury circa 80/81
Anyone run in the u13 race that day, it was won by a N.Mcrobb of Rotherham, just out of interest, where did you come out of the 450 runners, and what county ?....FRED

Healthy food
Is it me or healthy food is a lot more expensive than non healthy food?

Tony Blair doing the mile
They said on the news today that Tony Blair took 8.5 minutes to run a mile. It was part of sport relief. Apparently a young girl (that's how they described her on the news) did the same mil...

Step Counters
Hello, Does anyone have any experience of step counters (Pedometers)? Do they work well when jogging (e.g. are they accurate)? I was thinking of buying a cheap one (less than 1...

Newbie's Log 09/07/04
I've been running for 28 days now. Some people say that's how long it takes to form a habit, like smoking, or picking your nose. If you do something daily for 28 days, after that it takes mo...

Running on half a diaphragm?
Hello, How much would your running be affected if the left half of your diaphragm is paralyzed? Thanks.

The Polar Bear club.
At summer camp they had a program called "Polar Bears" where we'd get up real early, at like 7am (early by a summer camps leisurly standards) and go down to Highland lake, where we'd all get...

another reason not to buy overpriced running shoes
and this is from the conservative running shoe sponsored Runners World...,5033,s6-187-0-0-6728,00.html

Topology. Please discuss. \ - - // ( @ @ ) +--------oOOo-(_)--oOOo----+ +------------------------Oooo----+ ...

my knee
Middle-aged, I started running lightly about 4 years ago after I quit smoking. I started very slow, building up in small increments until I was running a couple miles several times a week. I...

kristin's armstrong's(lance's ex wife) first marathon effort
there is an interesting article about lance's ex wife in the latest issue of runners world. it seems that since 2002 kirstin taken up running and just recently she completed a marathon 4 day...

This morning...
...I headed off to Hillend dry ski slope with the babies, intent on improving our rather rusty snowboard technique. Instead - somehow - we ended up at IKEA, buying baby a computer desk for...

What are those crickettes doing?
Out for an evening run the night before last, about half way through my workout it starts to rain a good bit. Not long after the rain starts I start seeing scads of little jumpy critters al...

hrm watch
Hi, which hrm watch would you recomend? I want a hrm watch that can personalize 4 heart rate zones. But also I want to use the watch like an every day watch, so it's important the...

Running on the beach
"He hangs out at a gay beach." Sort of a childish comment don't you think? Some of your assumptions are wrong. Not all men out running on the beach in a thong are gay. Of thos...

Patellar Tendonitis
Anyone got any ideas of how to shake this patellar tendonitis? I have had it now for about 6-7 weeks and can't shake it. I have pain that is itchy and burning sometimes and then other time...

Stress fracture - medial tibial stress syndrome
On the distal medial tibia, bilaterally, where I earlier have felt pain from my supposed medial tibial stress syndrom, I today discovered an inch-sized bump (bilaterally). Could this su...

Wine Country Half Marathon - July 11
Anyone else in rec.running doing this one? Phil M. -- If you can empty your own boat Crossing the river of the world, No one ...

starting to run again after 10 years
Here's a question about resuming running... I used to run a lot 10 years ago. Since then I stopped running and have done other things for fitness like cycling. At the time, ...

Cosmos Vs Powersprint
Hi I'm looking to buy some spikes shoes. I will use them for short-medium distances... say 200-1500m. Mainly for training, I don't have a chance to race that often anymore. I was ...

Chicago Marathon - is it too big?
I am on a training path to run the Chicago Marathon on October 10th. The last time I ran it was in 1998 when there were 17,000 finishers. It was a great marathon. My only complaint was the...

Mt. Marathon race, Seward, Alaska
Does anyone know where to find the results of the 2004 Mt. Marathon race in Seward, Alaska on July 4? I tried online, but no luck. Thanks, jobs

Where to discuss about track and field?
Hi everybody. I was looking for a newsgroup in which to find discussions about track and field events, particularly the pro ones, like Golden League and other Grand Prix meetings. ...

Cycling Cadence and Running Stride Rate
Reading from "Lactate Threshold Training" (Janssen 2001) recently, I saw a section about pedaling frequency that seemed to confirm the advantages of using a high cadence at certain times whe...

Newbie Shoe Question
Hi all, I have been running since about August. With approx 175 miles on my Asics 1070's I am seeing some wear on the outside heal. Is this normal? It is not allot of wear, but ...

Today... 'n' the babies went to the Falkirk Wheel and the Antonine Wall. The former was scary, the latter rather old. We ended up at the Roman fort at Rough Castle with elder baby carving i...

Melbourne Marathon 1998 - Lost Medal - Help!
Hi all, Posting to this newsgroup on behalf of a runner friend of mine who participated in the Melbourne Marathon in 1998. Unfortunately he has lost this medal and would lik...

Long distance running with insulin-treated diabetes
How do you long distance runners with insulin-treated diabetes deal with your blood sugar levels when training and competing? Usually when I'm training, I skip my Humalog (insulin lispro) fo...

Hardest Run in SoCal
Other than marathons, what would be the biggest challenge for any runner in Southern California?

Downhill trail running / cross-training
Here's what downhill running on trails is like (not ones that I do): Here's the story to go with that pic http://w...

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