2004,biking miles to date.
182 days from new years 2004 friday july 23 2004. 1,245 miles not today going out 10 cent can pick up soon/ in michigan north of detroit.60 plus miles. this is testament. 6.5 mile...

Pain in foot?
Hey all, I've been running for around 4 months, and am up to about a 9 minute mile for up to 8 miles. I'm 5'7" and 135 if that makes any difference. I run almost totally on...

HRM Beginner Questions
I have just got a Polar A3 HRM. It's fairly basic watch/stopwatch/single HR zone/time in zone/AV HR, but only 68. I will use the Karvonen formula:- ((MHR-RHR)*x%)+RHR for calculating...

marion jones, sterioids, blah blah
she's gotten in hot water as many others... now, wouldn't it be better if steroids were simply made legal for everyone? if everyone uses it, no more cheating, no more expensive te...

Advice Please For An Enthusiastic Plodder
Hi, Folks! I have a question regarding training, but here's a little history: I have been dieting and running for weight loss purposes. So far I have lost 45 lbs, and hope t...

Bondi Barefoot 10km
Just noticed that the inaugural Bondi (Sydney, Australia) Barefoot soft sand 10km race was held 2 weeks ago. It's a shame I missed it. Can anyone report how it went, number of entants...

trail running shoes
I am back running after a prolonged rest of nearly a year due to the onset of rheumatoid arthritis. I can do 3-4 miles at a snails pace (but it feels GREAT) and am just getting used to the *...

New York Marathon Temperature / Humidity
Hey all, Was last year freakily high or can we expect the same every year? Joe.

Dan Browne to run NY Marathon
Dan Browne will join Bob Kennedy and Deena Drossin (and maybe even Donovan) in running this year's New York Marathon. http://www.runnersweb.com/running/rw_news_frameset.html?http://www...

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Help on lower leg, knee pain
Hello, I'm trying to break back into running at 33/6'2"/250 after leading a very sedentary existence for several yrs. I've run into some chronic problems (luckily minor so far) and I...

How soon to stretch after running?
Can I ask you keen runners and exercise specialists about stretching after a run. How soon after running should I stretch? I have allowed myself to get unfit and a bit over...

Help Cure Childhood Cancer While Running
Help us find a cure for Rhabdomyosarcoma, an insidious rare cancer that effects children. Come out and run with us in Lexington Ky on August 7. Your registration fee will help to fund rese...

Broken rib from running????
Anybody break or bruise a rib running (tripped) before? How long before you could run again? Also, do you consider it a running injury? Or a injury from a fall?

Replacing treadmill belt
Hi, I have a Weslo Cadence 850 treadmill and the walking/running belt is about to break. I was wondering if I could replace the belt myself (if so, where to buy the replacement b...

test...pls ignore
test only

Yasso 800s; Enough speedwork?
Hey Gang: I am preparing for my second marathon (Twin Cities (MN) October 3). I have been intrigued by the whole Yasso 800 business, so I thought I would use them in my preparation. Today...

Tough Guy Race
Am going to be running in the tough guy race in January, and have successfully talked 3 friends into doing it as well. None of us really know what we've let ourselves in for, other than what...

What "Roger.Jo.Dole boy.Zero. Sydenhams" had to say back in 12/2003
A connection? I don't know. A return of "Roger.Jo.Dole boy.Zero, Sydenhams?" I don't know. Just wondering as I looked over some of the musings of np426z. Ozzie Gontang Maintainer F...

Run with a GPS?
Hi all Checkout the new website for athletes who train and race with GPS units at www.GPSathletes.com John

thyroid issues
i was recently diagnosed with hypo-thyroid which means i have to take SYNTHROID for the rest of my life... anyone else doing this? how did it change your running? i sure can't ru...

1,223 miles. country real roads.
no treadmill counts. took 7 month and 20 days so far. KYA in miles for year of 2004 I try. kya=kick your ass in mile in a year I hope. just heard on news armstrong from texas austi...

Don't Die on Atkins call 911
STEVE BAYT (Parma/Brook Park, Ohio) Original posting failed on Sunday Prologue: As usual I am not trying to convince the usual people who post one-line brain dead comme...

starting again
i am just recovering from a broken toe. i have been out of the running game for almost a month. any suggestions? jump back into my old distances or build up to it over a time. j...

Ping Becca: proprioceptive training
I replied in the "Many questions" thread but its so deep I can't find the response. Here is the post: Try http://www.pponline.co.uk/encyc/balance-exercise.html for proprioceptive ...

Lunch options at work
Hey guys/gals I've been lurking through the group for a while and while I'm sitting at my desk at work I'm asking myself what is something healthy to eat for lunch. I usually just hit a lo...

Oh dear, you're taking me too literally...
...judging by the contents of a veritable deluge of emails I've recieved over the past week. Look guys, I'm a troll. Not everything I write is true. Sure, there are big chunks...

Hamilton-Burlington-Toronto-Niagara Area Runners
Please come support the area's newest racing organizers, Absolutely Accurate. We promixe to deliver accurate, safe courses, lots of good prizes and unique AG awards, and most importantly, lo...

Nagging Hip Injury
I'm a beginner/novice/whatever. Been running since January. 45 years old, 5' 10", 150 lbs. I WAS in the 30 mpw range, with long runs of 12 or 13 miles. Went on vacation and cou...

Should I run two Half-Marathons in two weeks?
Dear Runners, Looking your advice: started to run 1 year ago. currently 28 mpw and 9 miles LONGRUN. Have some 10Ks (Best 51:17) and 5Ks ( Best 24:19) My latest long run...

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