Running and penury
In another thread Wobbot was bemoaning, as usual, the perilous state of his fincances. Set me to thinking. How much *do* you need to lead a reasonable life as a retired middle-aged runne...

The tour continues...
Yesterdays destination was the nature reserve that is the Isle of May, about an hour and a half by sailboat off the East Neuk of Fife. We were a noisy party of nine on my chums Sadler yach...

Free Ipods (great for running) while supplies last
Want a free Ipod? Just sign up for an offer (One is just make an eBay acct and bid on something, you dont have to win t...

Dear Runner?
what is that? listed on the FAQ _______ Blog, or dog? Who knows. But if you see my lost pup, please ping me! ... FAQ on Jogging Strollers, Part 2/2
Archive-name: misc-kids/joggers/part2 Posting-frequency: monthly Last-modified: 1995/07/12 Version: 2.2 ****************************** *JOGGING STROLLERS FAQ PART 2* FAQ on Jogging Strollers, Part 1/2
Archive-name: misc-kids/joggers/part1 Posting-frequency: monthly Last-modified: 1995/07/12 Version: 2.2 ******************************* *JOGGING STROLLERS FAQ PART 1 * ...

Running turbo -So real
Running related gas disturb. Help pleaseeeee.... Posted: Apr 29, 2004 7:35 PM Reply Hi everyone, I'm new to this forum, and I wonder if I could ...

I am your father
Do not deny your true nature.

Do I want to take salt to retain water?
Hey, Folks: On long runs, hydration is always an issue, and I wondered whether taking a higher than normal dose of salt the day before might help me to retain water for the long r...

Pain in my Shin
Hi all, I hope you can help me. I have just started running recently. But I am having pain in my shin towards the end of each run. I run three times a week, each being about 2-2.5 miles...

Anyone run just to run?
I started as a runner when I was 13 or so back in the early 80's after reading Fixx's books. I ran track in high school but lost interest pretty quick. (I was not thrilled with the coach d...

just testing

Timex bodylink question
I am a new Timex Bodylink user. How do I reset the Summary Data? I want to wipe out the data now stored in the watch and start all over but, so far, the only functions I have been

Age-graded scoring and miles vs. Km?
I ran in my first competitive race Sunday, after a year of recreational trail running in preparation for ARDF radio-orienteering competition. It was a 5K, primarily on pavement, relatively ...

I guess I am a Monkey's Uncle
Still can't believe it, so I guess I am.

rec.running Beginners' FAQ Part 1 of 2
Archive-name: running-faq/beginners/part1 Last-modified: 10 March 2003 Posting-Frequency: 14 days Answers to REC.RUNNING BEGINNERS' FAQ and Interesting Information The...

rec.running FAQ, part 1 of 8
Archive-name: running-faq/part1 Last-modified: 10 March 2003 Posting-Frequency: 14 days Answers to REC.RUNNING FAQ and Interesting Information This posting contai...

Shoes for running in constant wet
Gang, Hello. I'd like your advice (or pointers to advice) on shoes to use in a constantly wet area. I run on grass (due to old knees) and my shoes get soaked everytime I run. Since the...

Need race near Springfield, VA this Sunday, 8/1
Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

YAWN -Bored now!
As subject line!!

Pain in dorsal foot from TKD
I have a question about foot pain. About 3 weeks ago, I started taking Tae Kwon Do, and much of the work we do requires us to balance our weight on the balls of our feet. As a result, I ha...

help selling a Fit point
any body know the best place to advertise/sell a FIT-POINT outside exercise centre in the UK TIA Mark Harris

Heart monitor for an old man?
I am 69. My recent shoulder problem precludes the lap-swimming I've been doing for about 20+ years. I've been trying to get my exercise fix on a treadmill at the Y. I only jog for 12 minutes...

Pain along the arch of my foot
I started jogging regularly five weeks ago. I've been doing 3 miles on the treadmill for half an hour, six days a week. In that time, I've experienced various minor pains along my shins, c...

wharf to wharf run report (long)
Hi folks, I ran a race on sunday and no race of mine is complete until I post a race report online! So here goes. In brief: Name of race: 32nd annual wharf to wha...

Baldy Peaks 50k report -- 2004
All: This little 50k was rated in 1992 as the toughest in the US, and it's my favorite. It has extreme altitude changes (11,000 feet of climb), nasty trail, runnable trail, scree...

ping 'the real bill rodgers'
are you still there, my love? stef

Anyone know of a good running trail/route in Ellicottville, NY?
I am going to Ellicottville NY and was wondering if anyone had suggestions on some running routes in the area? I was going to run 14 to 16 miles. Thank you. Phil.

retract bike ride Austin Houston texas.
time before race on t.v. tour D france trials. back when, the local news said something about a 125 miles bike race. and The gov from Texas now.. came in 12th place with this dude in 13th ...

cushioning, supportive cushioning, motion control...what's the diff?

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