Anybody doing the Capital City (Columbus, Ohio) 1/2 Marathon
Anybody doing the Capital City (Columbus, Ohio) 1/2 Marathon on April 3?

New York City 20k route
I will be in New York for a long weekend and while there, I need to get in my long run (training for Halifax Marathon). Any recommendations for a 20km route? I'll do twice around Central Par...

What to do on my holidays?
Any of you beastly rec.runners own an apartment you'd care to rent me sometime in July for three or four weeks? I was taking the family to Paris, but the crumbling value of the do...

Promoting Site -
I hope it is not poor netiquette or against any policy to post here, but I am hoping our site/service is of value to runners. Our site is, and we list combined invent...

Free online photo album offer.
Free online photo album offer. I am offering an online photo album that you can upload your pictures to. They will be visible to your family and friends with a simple upload. All ...

trail running shoes?
Trying to get back into running after a 20 year break. Thanks to some notes on this newsgroup, I recently bought some shoes for the "heavy runner". I haven't used them on the road yet, ...

Lightweight running shoes recommendations : to be used with orthotics
I need some recommendations for light weight (~ 10.2 oz) neutral running shoes which will accommodate orthotics comfortably. I have severe flat feet and overpronate like crazy. I use the SOF...

Black Bloody Toes
I have been running for a while and took to the great indoors because of the weather. After a 12 mile run on a Cybex Treadmill, I noticed blood pooled under the nail of two of my toes. ...

WC Cross Country Brussels
Hello, Made a small site on which you can bet on the results of the World Championchips cross country in Brussels.

Running Schools
What other running schools are out there? I know of Jeff Galloway's Running Schools for 2004. Any thoughts and suggestions?

Running Nose
My nose runs constantly when I run. Isn't there some type of nasal strips I can use to stop this? -- R.Robinson rrockslide"

New tool for Garmin Forerunner users
Hi, Now using the new Garmin Forerunner 201 and you can send your friends and family a URL to view your latest running accomplishments. There is ...

God must be holding His nose
Many people wonder what lies behind the Arab's irrational and bizarre rage against Israel. Compared to the millions of Muslims slaughtered by OTHER Muslims in Sudan, Syria, Iraq and other co...

Etrex Forerunner and Foretrex Group
Greetings, A new group has been started at Yahoo Groups. It is a discussion group for the etrex forerunner and foretrex family of gps training systems.

Running photos and running bios on the web
Hi all, Just a short note to let you know that we have added a running photo feature to view running photos, add yours. We also have runners bios. Post yours ...

rec.running war stories: your first marathon
As someone who will be doing mine in the not so distant future, I'm interested in hearing your stories about this. So, tell us about your first marathon -- from the fresh "race-report"...

Professional running shoes in Tucson AZ?
Friends of mine on the internet have told me that there exist sports equipment stores who specialize in just running shoes. You go in, get on a treadmill, and they evaluate your gait etc, ...

Looking for races in GA and FL
Hi everyone, When: March 13th-20th Where:Savaanah, GA; Miami, FL; Tampa, FL I'm looking for information on road races in these locations for the dates dates above. I'm...

Dumb tax laws
Here is an article whose premise sounds stupid to me. I once advocated on this group a tax break for those who could demonstrate a healthy lifestyle such as those that could break ~45...

Garmin Forerunner Software
Is anybody using or know of any other software that works with the Garmin Forerunner? I did E-Mail and they told me that there software would be able to work with th...

when eating...
fish should you eat it raw warm or wet

allan webb
allan webb "the great hope" for american middle running gets smoked yet again as he finished dead last in the usa's track and field indoor championships in the 3000 meters. so much for this ...

how do horses train?
hi just wondering if anyone knew how race horses are trained? do the jockeys make them do intervals and fartleks? LSDs and tempos? thanks jobs

i am famous and in the paper see yours truely at the cowtown marathon in full gear i do not know how long it will be there so look and laugh plodzilla wind was 25 ...

need help
i just ran the cowtown marathon 28th feb i plan to run the dallas marathon 28th march i will need to rehab and train in the next 30 days since this is a 1st any good comments/training p...

LSD Heart Rate Question
Hi folks, I am trying to build a running base by trying LSD using a heart rate monitor. At a leasurely 5 mph, my heart rate starts at 133 bpm and gradually climbs to 166 bpm after...

Running while taking Irbesartan (Avapro)
Anybody have any experience with taking this drug? Thanks, Chuck

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