Anybody catch the Craig Masbach interview about the drug issue during the NBC coverage of the Millrose Games? If his objective was to sound as guilty as hell while flashing a big

Training Week Ending February 8, 2004
Greetings, rec.runners! Please tell us about your training week and goals. cheers, -- David (in Hamilton, ON)

Full length Sorbathane insoles are back!
Ok, maybe this is a hot newsflash only for me, but for the first time in years, I saw (at my local runners shop) Spenco selling a full length Sorbathane running shoe insole. I kinda think S...

Olympic Trials Marathon
I just followed the Olympic Trials Marathon on the Runner's World site. It sounded like a close exciting race. Alan Culpepper won in 2:11:41 beating Meb Keflezghi in a duel over the last fe...

barbell/dumbbell routine for runners
Hello! I have recently gotten back into running "seriously". Can anyone point me to a good set of weight (barbell/dumbbell) exercises or a routing that would be suggested on my "off" runni...

Donovan's Cold Weather Tips Debunked
Came across a higher authority on proper cold weather clothing....seems to debunk Donovan's wisdom. 4293...

Marathon Cheater Busted 503&set_id=1 Nobody is perfect, says banned Comrades man February 06 2004 at 03:55AM By Craig...

knee pain
In November, I had knee surgery for a torn meniscus. I continue to have pain on the inside of the knee and still can't run. Cross training is not a problem, but rowing hurts. I take cataf...

Garmin Forerunner 201
Hi everybody! Garmin Forerunner 201 safely received yesterday but I'm sorry to say I have a problem already! I charged the item up/switched it on and successfully locked int...

portland OR
could someone point me to a nice 6-10 mile running path i can easily get to from downtown portland OR without a car? something not to hilly as i come from the flatlands... thx

Patellar Tendonitis . . .
I know some of you have had to deal with this at one time or another. Well, looks like it's my turn . . . damn!!! Looking for help on what to do. I know, I know, I'll be seeing my sp...

men's marathon trials
why is it that the us men's marathon trials are not be televised on NBC? after all NBC is the olympic station. one would think that that at the very least they would show a 1 hour highlight ...

large digital display watch
I'm a 59 Y/O runner, (jogger), and I'm looking for a wrist stopwatch that has a LARGE display so I can read it without my glasses. Anyone have a suggestion? Thank you...... Jerry...

Any long time Peak Running Performance subscribers?
I am looking for a past issue of Peak Running Performance which was entitled Van Aaken's Pure Endurance Method Vol. 1, No. 3 pp. 1-5 from around 1991 or 1992... Does anyone have i...

"Dazer" - weapon against crazy dogs?
Hello, does anybody have experience with this gadget? Is it effective? Thanks, Tim

Western Cape, SA
I'm spending a week or so in Cape Town and the western cape of South Africa - can anyone recommend any good long running routes, anything from 15k-30k, or any good internet resources for thi...

BUPA Great North Run 2004
The 24th BUPA Great North Run will take place on Sunday 26th September 2004. It will start at 09:45am.

Running and Triathlon Website, A running and triathlon resource portal based in Ottawa. News, results, event calendars, polls, trivia, 'widget' calculators and more... ...

running drink
Hi all, I have just increased my distance for the half marathon 2 fold and ran 11 miles last weekend. All was fine until the last mile when I became exhausted. WE carried no drink with...

Lots of questions for a Friday
Why is TC so down on Mali? Why has Global aka LanceAndrew fallen completely off the rails? Again? Why is Doug perpetually grumpy? Why does Dot never say nice thin...

Runners Unite - Ban Dogs!
I shouldn't have to say much here. I'm sick of dogs chasing me, barking at me and making me go out of my way during my daily run. I have the right to be out in public and a right to be left ...

New Zealand running areas
Hey there, I went to Queenstown New Zealand last year for skiing. The mountains and scenery was exceptionally beautiful. But has anyone done long distance running there - I'...

Weight bearing stretching
In a recent thread something to the order of "A muscle cannot be stretched while it is bearing weight" was stated. This is very interesting to me and am wondering about specifics, articles ...

newbie Marathon training
Running the CMMarathon in Nashville 4/24, my objective is to break 3:30. I've been running for 20 years, did a marathon in '97 finished in 4:10. My long runs over the last month and a half c...

NYC running
Hi there! I will be visiting NYC in March and staying in Greenwich Village. Can anyone recommend a nice running (or rollerblading) route? Thanks! Ann Ottawa Canada

Remember "retreading" ?
Does anyone still do it? You 20-somethings might not know this but there was a time when we all wore one of a couple of models of shoes....and as I recall....retreading was near commonplace...

Newer Koji vs. old
I am about to purchase my next pair of ASICS Koji and noticed there has been an update. Has anyone here run in both shoes? If so, what differences, good or bad, have you noticed? ...

The 'A' list
Goddamn! The A list hasn't updated AGAIN! How the hell am I going to cope without knowing what my betters have been up to?...

Running music
Hello, I found it extremely motivating to go running with certain sorts of music - the ones with a steady militaristic (1-2) beat and rhythm. I also listen to Bach, Beethove...

running injury?
Hi, I exercise almost every day at the gym (treadmill, elliptical maching, stairmaster) and only very recently began to suffer from a minor injury. When I do a lunge strech (pic...

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