You don't like my name?
You don't use TP? You don't wipe it well? Shame on you...

running on roads or grass??
Most of the books and magazine articles I've read say that running on concrete is a no no. Training for my first marathon and have been running on grass and over fields now for a while. It h...

sodium levels in america
from an article at excerpts: "Group wants sodium intake cut, 8 glasses of wat...

After about 5 weeks of running 4 times a week, it finally decided to rain heavily today and seeing as I dont own any wet weather gear I decided to pull out an old exercise tape (high impact ...

Nils Schumann
Does anyone know how Olympic 800m champion Nils Schumann is going and if he is injury free or planning on running indoors? Matty G

Racing shoes/Flats
Hi gang! Although some of us are still in the middle of winter the racing season is not to far away. With visions of singlets, shorts, and sunny temperatures how about we talk about our ...

Ban Dogs 3 - Last Post
This is my last post but you all should know in some countries dogs are banned in one fashion or another. Look at Singapore. Why do they do it? Because they realize that dogs, other than min...

looks like...
john and john and clown w.dick

Diet guru Atkins qualified as obese
This has to be the funniest story of the year: Lyndon "Speed Kills...It kills those that don't have it!" --U...

Underground 10K
Last Sunday was the Groundhog run here in Kansas City. This is the most unique run I have ever done (and I have done it about 7 times). It is run entirely underground in a limestone min...

Best Shoe.....ok,5936,8636432%5E26 82,00.html The resident aussie is donovan...perhaps he has an explanation....

Elite Women to Start Earlier at Boston Comments?

What type of shoe to buy!!
Help!!! I'm a 225 pounder with a normal to low arch. I'm running about 15 miles a week now but will soon get back into training for a half. The problem is, my arch type wants one kind of ...

He's a sick puppy.

RR, unite for a good cause!
Lets all unite to block this pathetic excuse for a human being "Robert (" whose such a little pussy that a puppy scares him, and then he advocates death to all dogs. What a...

First "big run" outside
OK, I'm new to running. 45 year old male, 5'10" 150 lbs or so, down from 200 lbs 9 mos. ago. Growing up, through junior high, high school, college and beyond, every few years I h...

Ban Dogs 2
Today I'm doing my 5 five glorious miles and this big sheep dog comes running out of the house and right up to the edge of the property. It's barking and being very agressive. So I now have ...

PowerLung? Breathing Thing
Does anyone have real world experience with this apperatus? If no real world, has anyone seen an impartial analysis of this? The brand name is PowerLung, I don't know if there are oth...

Snickers Marathon
No, it's not a new race, and no, I don't have stock in the company. Snickers Marathon is a new sports bar that tastse, well, like a Snickers bar. I thought it was really good, but I f...

Miss Ann Thorpe: Newsgroup destroyer.
She/he/it has terrorized us here for some time now, but did you all know that under several aliases such as "" and "" has single-handedly destroyed a bagpipe ...

healthy bmi
What is a healthy BMI for an elite runner? I'm at 22.3 now and think I might want to lose some lbs.

Saucony omni versus omni 3
Are they the same shoe or not? I'm after a pair of omni 3's, and have found a cheap supplier ( selling what they call the omni... Ben

And now Monday's here...
...I can't be bothered to be nice. As MAT has noted, I find it so much easier to make enemies. So, questions for a Monday: Why are you at work? No, why REALLY?

injury update
Hi everyone. I quit running July 27th after a several month battle with shin pain that turned out to be a stress fracture. I went to a sports medicine clinic in early December. ...

And tomorow's Monday...
...and we click into another week. So, rec.runners, what are you going to do with your next five days? Trudge along in the same old rut? Say much the same old things to the same...

Early morning runs before Breakfast
Hello, I like to go for a 8 - 10km run in the morning 6am. I find it hard to eat anything much before the run. Even a glass of warm water is a bit hard to swallow. Is i...

Hi Ive lurked here a few weeks now and feel Im learning things.Im 57 and starting a walk jog program and its going great.I wear NewBalance shoes as I have wide feet,my shoes seem comfortable...

I want Rec.Running to hold messages longer
Years ago, this newsgroup kept messages available 2-4 weeks before disappearing to the old archived message repositories such as Deja and Google. Now the oldest message I see on the newsgro...

once you go...
fat you never go back

Long runs too fast?
I can't pace myself for the life of me. I find myself actually preferring the treadmill to keep myself honest. Anyhow.... I'm trying for a sub-3 effort at Boston.... I've got a coup...

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