31 Jul 2004 21:45:32
Robert Grumbine
July running

Rather than running week, a quick note about my running month.
July is the first month since last October that I feel like I ran
a decent month. 'decent' means that
* I finally got in 4 days a week almost every week (missed a day
this week for extenuating non-running circumstances)
* my long run has gotten up to near its present target plateau
(83 minutes early in the week, 90 as the target plateau)
* some occasional signs of speed+ are showing up, particularly if
the dew point gets below 68 (it turns out)
+ speed = being able to go faster than my 10k pace from earlier
this year.

Total on the month is something like 120 km, my first over
100, I think, since last October.

And, entirely surprising me, the holly hill trail through
Rock Creek park, even with the detraining, long time
since I've been there, and so forth, still takes me almost
exactly 1 hour (60:36 on Sunday). Also a very welcome surprise.

Much as I didn't want to take my own advice, about progressing
from where you are, rather than trying to leap to what you used
to do, that is what it took for me to get back in to things.

10 mile race coming up on Labor Day (September 6th). still
don't know what to target for time, but I'm finally confident of
being able to finish in decent condition. (Barring unwelcome
August surprises!)

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