30 Jul 2006 01:44:38
Easy Shopping

Guang zhou Daily stock shoes Co., LTD is a private but professional
shoes offer in Guangzhou china; we have no factories but what we have
is service for our customers; Our business is operated just like this
way: we ordered those popular style and color firstly at a very good
price because of long term business with the factories here, then we
stocked them here and we sold them to our customers step by step; so
you know if the quality is no good,how we dare stock them here?
Here our main advantage: Only high quality and no mini order;
all the shoes listed in our website we have got the stocks except very
few of them which is marked already on our website; and last is
shipping the shoes on time because of our professional; drop shipping
is welcome here, and serious guys are welcome to contact here,
Welcome to contact us!
Company: Guang zhou Daily stock shoes Co., LTD
Website: http://www.dailystock.com.cn/
Tel/Fax: 020 80986955