martial-arts monkey teasing tigers!!, yanking on ears!!
This is awesome! Bet none of you saw anything like this before!! Do you think the monkey would get eaten or be played with if he fell? I'd say they'd likely play with ...

Karate girls artwork and awesome comics full color
a new karate girls comic in martinxmanga check the page it's free: I hope you enjoy it !!!

UFC Fight Night Review I don't know how many of you watched the show last night, but talk about awesome! Unfortunately for us at Fightlinker, we lost our bet that Stout would ...

Brock Lesnar your view
How do you reckon the big oaf will go against a better opponent? I think he will get pounded then grounded or visa versa. It smells a little too WWE to me. Not that it is fake ...

Powerbeco - hungarian bodybuilder -video

UFC Fight night
Well the headline bout was a tremendous display. Spencer Fisher and Sam Stout. Stout, the kickboxer, won a split decision 15 months ago against Fisher. This time, Stout who got submitted la...

WOTT - Injuries and healing
Weekly On Topic Thread (WOTT): Comparing injury heal times. Does MA practice in particular improve it or is it just exercise in general. What about age related reductions? (Cont...

traditional Muay thai Chaiya training Clip
Peen Tonmai - Tai Chuek (Climb trees, climb rope). Climbing trees and ropes would develop stamina, endurance, and equilibrium of one's body. It is a way to lay a foundation for the

Funny MMA Weekly Podcast
Click here to visit the funniest podcast on Mixed Martial Art:

Mark and Mikel - you guys rule
Thanks for all the intelligent conversation on an art/type of coordination that really doesn't get much in the way of comprehensible conversation around it. I'm really enjoying what you're ...

Zeitgeist, the movie
this is very long. full production two hours. first 3 minutes is just audio, but be patient. it will be worth it. you might learn something, like why you are taught to believe what you d...

Tactical Edge Seminar@Krav Maga Edinburgh
We will be starting this seminar off looking at unarmed methods. We'll be looking at the use of limb destructions & fast takedowns, & how they can be employed against common methods of attac...

Cro cops next opponent?
'A Dutch MMA website is reporting that Mirko Crocop's opponent at UFC 75 will be famed kickboxer Cheik Kongo.' from

traditional Muay thai Chaiya training-Chok Manao
Chok Manao ( Punching lemons). The defensive aspect of Pahuyuth training is the Pong-Pad-Pid-Perd (to block, to swipe to cover, to open). Teachers would hang lemons at about neck ...

Sumo for Kids
It's topical I suppose>1=10136

Internal Stuff for Green Distant Star
I'm going to try to make things a bit more clear in this post; define terms and use models which should be common enough to work with. I WILL NOT ENTERTAIN RESPONSES FROM RENLI IN THI...

newest People mag article on Response Options
While working over the wkend, the mailman brought several what I call 'trash' magazines for my reception area. I happened to flip thru the latest People magazine and there was a very interes...

Reality Based Self Defense
90% of what you learn in strip mall dojo's, martial arts schools, self defense seminars and dvd's will get you killed in a real attack on the street. What really counts in a fighting si...

For those missing Chas' emails....
He's been under the weather( Katrina style ) this last week, so for those missing his unique style or repartee', good cheer, or a kick in the buckboard, Chas is recuperating and hopes to g...

Tits Live Webcams Boobs all naturals The Best Resource for Tits on the Net.

Don't throw the baby out with the bathwater.
I was meditating on the recent events here in R.M-A while listening to a pretty good version of "Moon River"; and I came to several interesting insights. As a model, I have taken this articl...

< EVOLUTIONIST HIDES HIS HEAD IN SHAME < ============== < On July 29, 1996, (Darwin Boy) w...

Class, Lass and Ass
Class, Lass and Ass Professor Tom was going to meet his students on the next day, so he wrote some words on the blackboard which read as follows: "Professor Tom will meet the clas...

* Huge Free Titty mpegs and avis - Hilarious mesogirl21's floppy tits dance.

More on CXW
I refer to the previously posted clip.... In this, CXW refers to 'all sided support' and states, according to the translation, th...

Kim Maree Penn
Remember her ? I miss those long legs! A blast from the past.

Want a day off
Want a day off Want a day off Smith goes to see his supervisor in the front office. "Boss," he says, "we're doing some heavy house-cleaning at home tomorrow, and my wife

OT How you know your boat is too small

Want a day off
Want a day off Want a day off Smith goes to see his supervisor in the front office. "Boss," he says, "we're doing some heavy house-cleaning at home tomorrow, and my wife

K-1 USA Salaries
Main Event Fighters -Brock Lesnar: $500,000 (defeated Min Soo Kim; no win bonus) -Min Soo Kim: $30,000 (lost to Brock Lesnar) Main Card Fighters -Royc...

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