Chuck Norris vs The Superfoot?
help, anyone.

Trav is a Chinaman! Who woulda guessed? Sam

More on Kung Fu
David Abbott would have totally pimped Bruce Lee if they would have ever met. And that's a fact. Dimitri

Learn Martial Arts or Die Young. Lol? They say bullets will be more valuable than gold - when that happens, what would you rather own - a couple of gold bars, or a...

Batons michelle yeoh used in silver hawk..
anyone know where to buy ? the telescopic batons michelle yeoh used in Silver Hawk? the ones that can attach to each other and form a staff.. thanks turin --

Throughout history, there have been instances of one-sided battles, confrontations in which one side was so pathetically outclassed by another it was ridiculous. There was an instance when ...

Dealing With Bullies
This is one strategy...... -- GDS " Let's roll! "

Pride 33 salaries
Main Event Fighters -Wanderlei Silva: $150,000 (28th fight in Pride; lost to Dan Henderson in main event) -Dan Henderson: $50,000 (18th fight in Pride; defeated Wanderlei Si...

My postman
My postman is a really nice fellow. He asked the other day where he could go to learn some martial arts. He said that the young people today do not have any respect anymore. Actually,...

Panty waists

For the Judokas -- Dan Winsor Soy un poco loco en el coco.

200-year child porn sentence too harsh?
Fraserland rules would say his dick should come off if he does child porn. Having 20 images means his dick should be sliced off in 1/20th sections.

Mission accomplished
US's Iraq oil grab is a done deal By Pepe Escobar . . . US President George W Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney might as well declare the Iraq war over and out. As far as they - ...

MMA Fans Wanted
New free cool non commercial site needs testers: Create Your Own Virtual Martial Arts Expert!! Masters meet masters, styles meet styles in a no rules, no time limits and no ...

MMA Fans Wanted
New free cool non commercial site needs testers: Create Your Own Virtual Martial Arts Expert!! Masters meet masters, styles meet styles in a no rules, no time limits and no ...

And on the lighter side of Global Warming, this just in
Speaking of hot air, this just in Mark POWER: GORE MANSION USES 20X AVERAGE HOUSEHOLD; CONSUMPTION INCREASE AFTER 'TRUTH' Mon Feb 26 2007 17:16:14 ET ...

prh Dale Warfel made me lose my home, now he owns it instead of me; what can I do? oen
qd3io o0j ioj -0opj gh90k iop b jopaj09jko9 gop fj 90j89b 0 0i9 ojb90 jkdio joi0sd b90 mdfiovbj 9o0esjg90 kfio b o0rjgh890w-0pejg90jeovi DO NOT USE DALE WARFEL OR KELLER WILLIAMS AS Y...

Funding the enemy while using them to frighten The People
The oligarchy love to use "the enemy at the gates" to frighten the populace into submission and obedience. Happened throughtout history. Happening right now as we speak. Now it appears the...

This is the kind of Kung Fu I like No chi, no iron crotch, just active training and competition.

Kendo for a 7 year old?
I'm trying to keep my son interested in sports. He has been swimming for a while and made good progress, but is losing interest. Though since my main aim was to get him to be able to swim, h...

Karate vs Kung Fu (old-school)
Old school footage, kyokushin karate vs kung fu

Was PRIDE 33 fixed?
- PRIDE has run fixed/worked matches in the past. (see the Sherdog FAQ: - FUJI TV cancelled PRIDE from their network due to Yakuza ti...

Dog bites man is not newsworthy, man bites dog is,1406,KNS_347_5268647,00.html D. ...

Disastrous fight results at PRIDE 33
Fight Opinion Weekly: Disastrous fight results at PRIDE 33 By Zach Arnold PRIDE 33 will go down as an event that, on paper, had a fight card line-up that looked like a turkey but ...

Lima Lama Conference
Yes today is a great day to ask the question will there be or not be a conference of such a great art!? I for one will administrate the very first Lima Lama Conference in Hawaii all practi...

A-delta Execution Is Torture-Free
Hi: I know I have posted similar messages before but I just can't get over this topic. I apologize profusely to anyone who maybe annoyed by this post. I have theorized ...

WOTT - Are some MA more socially acceptable?
Weekly On Topic Thread (WOTT): Are some MA more "socially acceptable" - i.e. I can tell my coworkers I do Judo but I think most of them would freak out if I told them I practiced ...

Elderly U.S. veteran kills 20-year-old La Raza mugger w/bare hands
U.S. tourist who killed mugger with bare hands sailing home The Associated Press February 23, 2007 SAN JOSE, Costa Rica: A U.S. tourist and the driver of the bus assaulte...

OT: Seven suicide cases of young girls in Takhar province
[] Twenty six year old Aziza burned herself and lost her life after two days in th...

Paedo hid under girl's bed,,2-2006520347,00.html You couldn't make shit like that up. -- AKA "Dobbie The House Elf"

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