ankle wieghts?
hi, Im trying to learn how to increase my vertical jump. I started jogging with a 10lb pair of ankle weights about a month ago. I noticed that my jump (with my legs striaght) has increased a...

Fight compilation

Yukari Oshima vs. Mona Lee

We don't need no stinkin' solar plexus Surprised we don't see more of these (knee) -B

Push hands in Seattle
I am organizing an open push hands session for all the Tai Chi players in Seattle. This group is not affiliated with any particular school, and anyone is welcome to attend. For no...

For TKD guys on rma...
Serkan Ylmaz hilight

Been away - what I miss?
Jesus - over 1000 new threads? Forget it. Quick synopsis - who did what to who's mother? ************************************************************ Remove FAK...

OT: Oxygen - road biking
I've been doing an experiment for two weeks to try to improve my road biking. In the last 2 weeks, I've been riding my indoor trainer at almost the maximum setting for 10-12 miles...

How do you know when a Republican has been reading your book?
The Pages are all bent over ! BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAaa. <wiping tear> oh shit, this is just tooooo cliche'. A conservative right winger passi...

Martial arts knot?
WTF? I'm listening to some crazy shit on Canadian crimes and I hear: " was consistent with a martial arts knot," and then, " was tied by someone who was a karate expert."

Opinions on TUF episode?
I watched with interest Rich Franklin interacting with his possible opponents. What did you all think about his advice to Serra? And his reluctance to actually train with the guys? He made...

RE: The Fraser Thread
The Fraser thread has some terrible unprovoked attacks on Fraser and on the integrity of his wife. it is an example of totally uncalled for confrontational lizard brain mentality.

wow WOW wow Royce Gracie trained by Chos are now completely trainign Royce Gracie, this footage was done for me, specifically by Chos TKD, whos Jim Lowe at USA TKD in Oak Creek, Wisconsin fought Royce Gracie and kicked...

Japanese MA in central NJ?
Hi all. I just moved to Princeton, NJ, and I'm looking for a dojo that teaches Japanese MA within reasonable driving distance (~40 minutes). Does anyone have any suggestions? Thanks. ...

History Channel: Pirate Tech, today 4pm EDT
If you get a chance check out this show: Use of interesting weaponry: Stink bombs Plug Bayonets Rapier vs Cutlass Most pirates did not know how to use a swor...

Kidz - for Kirk
(last 5 seconds of this) -B

O/T: The American World
Just received it by email :-)

A hard 'soft landing'
How are you going to defend against this takedown? Hal New worry: A hard 'soft landi...

Small Arms control and the UN Pierre

Cynthia Khan-In The Line of Duty 4
She bails out her sorry ass colleagues!

Two Dojos - Discounts on Dues?
There are two dojos fairly close together. Each teaches different marial arts. So they do not compete directly with each other for students. I am about to suggest that each of them offer d...

Well crap. Seems like the Doctors are withdrawing a bit of hopefulness for grandfather. They tried taking him off of the ventilator today and he can't breath on his own. They th...

New version of Yiquan site
The yiquan site was rearranged. Next free e-book: "Yiquan. Kung Fu revolution" will be available this autumn.

Republican: GOP 'panders' to Christian right 'thugs'
Sophomoric and angry. Thugs and bullies. Wow. Now who could that ever remind you of? Hal September 27, 2006

Bush backs Pakistan - Taliban deal ============================================================= Bush backs Pak-Taliban dealAdd to Clippings Chidanand Rajghatta ...

OT: Reminder, Babs at 10pm EST
20/20 ABC Sep 27 10:00pm Barbara Walters talks to Terri Irwin, widow of zoologist Steve Irwin, and to John Stainton, his longtime business partner.

Karzai on Terrorism Pierre

Another hapless democrat losing to a qualified Republican
Poll: Republican leads Fla. gov. race 2 hours, 45 minutes ago Riding the momentum of an overwhelming primary victory, Republican Attorney General Charlie Crist has grabbed an ear...

Hughes vs Penn

ATT: Fraser
Why do you put up with TOPO, AussieGayguy , Wannabe and company? You must have the patience of a saint mate. Those dudes need some attitude correction for insulting your wife

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