Dawn Newbon using Chas identity to try to agitate me. Clearly Dawn Newbon is friends with him & his witch cult whom are anti-Libertarians, government con artists, hired by government ag...

WB superstar= delusion
People cant be this stupid. These people are probably dumber but harmless (because they dont get their self-esteem online) than the losers on R.M.A. I'm convinced now this is a total sham....

Okay - what to do about Peak Oil (was: Oil Stockpiles)
travisgod@aol.cominyrface (Sucka) wrote in message news:<>... <snip> > I make a claim about Ford and GM's future. So, ...

Looking for Pencak Silat or Karambit training in Phoenix
Hello, Does anyone know anyone in Phoenix who fits this bill? Thanks Rob -- Robert Schuh "Everything that elevates an individual above the herd and ...

Putting my toes in the waters of the Dark Side
I'm off to my first BJJ lesson tonight. This should be fun. I can just imagine that there's some guy like Bob, sitting there lamenting how long it's been since he tapped someone, just...

BJJ SUCKS ASS. I HATE IT AND WISH IT WOULD DIE (mental aspects of game)
In BJJ, everyone says - "leave your ego at the door". Great - but how do you actually *do* that? How do you get to the point where you can say "you know what, I've lost every match to...

Need help deciding between Shaolin Kung-Fu and Goju Ryu
Hi, I'm trying to decide between two local Dojo's. I haven't studied before, and am not very flexible, although I am in good shape and play a number of sports regularly (although not v...

MMA and flexibilty
Hi all, an on-topic post I hope.... Today I had the pleasure of training with several judo people at Kyoto University, and comparing methods for dealing with several situations in...

Too shy to play capoeira
Have been doing capoeira for a few weeks now and enjoy the classes. My problem is that I feel too self concious and awkward to enjoy playing in the roda, especially amongst others who'...

How to get more power from a muay thai roundhouse kick
Just continuing discussion from the other thread... Several posters have suggested the muay thai roundhouse is similar to a soccer kick. Ive found that helped me a lot to generate pow...

K-1 vs Kyokushin: Ichigeki event 30 of may (spoiler)
Kyokushin VS K-1. Kyokushin cleans house! Filho is Back! ICHIGEKI | KYOKUS...

Re: KO vs Points (Was: How to get power from a muay thai roundhouse kick)
>>>> Just do it all without the gi, a much more useful practice. >>> >>> Opinions vary. Thing is, the no gi guys keep getting whipped by the >>> ...

its a FAKE
welcome to sunday!:) <frothing set="freak" "yell" "conspiracy"> they must gotten the idea from the Jessica Lynch Show. Saudi Arabia's little contremps with the UBB co...

Code of Honor
This is a followup on a thread from last week. So last week, I found an old book called "The Code of the Warrior in History, Myth, and Everyday Life" by Rick Fields. When I first read the ...

To prove I'm not always dour. Regards, ************************************************************** TRADITIONAL CAPITALISM You have two cows. You sell one...

final - should work -- G Hassenpflug * Takemusu Aikido Juku Dojo Osaka

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redpowerranger please contact us
Krav, I ran across an old post of yours on martial art and really appreciated the compliments ..i thought i might update u as to kizma's accomplishments since NAGA...she took ...

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my X-Face tested -- G Hassenpflug * Takemusu Aikido Juku Dojo Osaka

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Rolling around wearing a breathing mouthguard several days a week for a few months has strengthened my bite a lot. So practicing nice clean BJJ has made me better at fighting dirty in yet a...

Happy Memorial Day Weekend
I wish everyone a happy memorial day weekend. I hope everyone goes out and has some fun. I wish this for Mike Sigman too. I hope he goes out and has some fun. That he stops being anal re...

Gi Questions
Hi! I have recently acquired a gi and I have to questions for those-in-the-know. This gi is brand-spankin' new and still has it original belt. This belt seems to be ten feet lon...

How to get power from a muay thai roundhouse kick
> What exactly is your problem? > You came in raving about TKD and I didnt rip you, until you gave a sermon on > kicking where I had the audacity to disagree. > Now you got ...

Usenet Death Penalty on Queen Samuel
-----BEGIN PGP SIGNED MESSAGE----- Due to flagrant violations of the rec.martial-arts charter, Queen Samuel and all her various sockpuppets are henceforth under pain of UDP and al...

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